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That K-mart scene was a classic lol Did those hunter's REALLY intend on shooting the mom? Did Rose know how to swim?? "You're so stupid Rose! Why'd you do that why?" Judges voting ppl out WTF?!?!?!? If you were on Arthur, which animal would you wanna be. Reminds me sooooo much of Stranger Things. Remember when Kimmy slipped a $20 bill into her college applications? Nani is so underrated and deserves more credit. Young Jenna and those kids looked OLDER than 13. View all posts >


That doesn't change the fact that she has low self-esteem. Being overly sensitive and playing the victim card is a sign of low self esteem For all we know, he was probably a jerk to lots of guests at that hotel. Not just Kevin but very few people complained. This time period was before written Yelp ratings/ reviews existed on the Internet. Or else he was potentially get bad reviews. He may be 10 years old. BUT he was a strong level headed boy who took sh!t from NO ONE. Plus, why should he accept it? He knew that Buzz wasn't being sincere. Also, this conflict wasn't as bad as in the first movie where Uncle Frank called him a "jerk". He even had the balls to calling him out for the "cheapskate" that he was. I agree, she was a bitch who only used Byron for money and material stuff. I don't get why he stayed with her as long as he did. As much as I sided with Madea, (that ghetto girl was so rude and disrespectful). I think driving through that restaurant was not the best idea. There were innocent people in that restaurant who could've gotten seriously hurt had they not moved out the way when she drive through the glass. Especially since she was driving in full speed. Heck! By the way those two boys were acting, they NEEDED to be slapped. They have parents who don't discipline then, as a result, they became ruder and ruder. Notice that although Madea disciplines misbehaved kids, she DOES NOT abuse them! She has their best interests at heart. He isn't. Cause when they got older, he found a girlfriend just like Thumper and Bambi did. Bambi: Tall skinny, brown haired German kid with blue eyes wearing overalls shorts with suspenders. Thumper: A short, blonde haired, somewhat chubby (not obese) kid in long overall pants. Young Feline: A little red headed girl with short pig tails tied with ribbons made into a bow. Wearing a puffy sleeved dress along with black shoes and frilly socks. Flower: a red headed boy with curly hair. Short and petite. Friend owl: An senior citizen man in his early 60s. With a suit over an ironed white shirt and perhaps glasses and occasionally a cane. Bambi's mom: lady in her 30s with a short 40s fashioned hair style with a bright colorful headband. A colorful skirt with a white blouse that's carefully ironed and tucked in. That scene would NEVER slip by today. Movies in the 1940s got away with so much lol But nowadays parents are so damn sensitive. In general, I do truly love cats!!!! With that being said. I for one cannot stand Lucifer. Especially when he tried to get poor Bruno the dog in trouble. He purposely made dirty paw prints on the floor after Cinderella worked so hard to clean it. God knows how often he tried to make Cindy's life miserable. View all replies >