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I agree. I didn't mind the pennywise spider... though it looked like it was wearing a diaper. My brother and I used to have friends over to watch her workout show. I don't think we paid much attention to what she was saying. Im watching it now. It's really bad. For me, the series begins and ends with Scream. 3 was epic failure and 4 was pointless. 2 is an okay sequel, but it's not a good movie. 1. I don't get the obsession over Sarah Michelle Gellar. She's never been interesting to me in any project. Sorry buffy fans. 2. The frat people are seriously awful 3. The Derek Sidney love story was ruined by Nev Campbell's wooden romance acting 4. The dialogue only works for Randy. 5. The final showdown is lame. Anyone who works or worked in a theater can tell you thap props are terrible for fleeing killers or fighting against them. 6. Sydney's theater scene is exceptionally cringeworthy. 7. The soundtrack is good, but the score sucks. There's more. I'm surprised that It still dissappoints me after not seeing it since it first came out on video. Im glad you're happy with it. Real question is: will it be rewatched? If not, it's not a good movie. It's easy. Just watch the performance. Hollywood is filled with shitty people who do awful things. I just watched scream, which was produced by Harvey Weinstein. The guy is a pig who used his influence to mistreat women. Regardless, Scream is a good movie. I like the Usual Suspects. Kevin Spacey is a creep, but it's a good movie. Rosemary's Baby is a classic, even if the director drugged and sodomized a teenager. Hollywood is filled with the drecks of society. Fortunately, they can be replaced when their actions are revealed. As for the gay comment, i don't think about it. Just like I don't think about my parents having sex. It's not my business nor should anyone need to troubled themselves with it unless the person could be hurting themselves. My wife and brother are fine with it. I hated it. It's more nostalgia mining. Terminator ended with T2 for me. Just like Star Wars ended with return of the Jedi or Indiana Jones ended with the last crusade. While these cash grabs rake it in with failed attempts to recapture lighting in a bottle, there are good movies being made. Just don't look to the theaters. Crafty Jason goes to hell is so fun because it'sso weird and disjointed. It's better than Jason takes Manhattan. View all replies >