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Thom Matthews. Feldman's acting isnt getting better with age. Matthews carried the role well. I'll still waste $15. So, no thanks. Certainly isn't as good as Farinelli. Im going to politely disagree. The Teens, store owner, farmer frank, chole Sevigny etc. didn't matter. If they weren't introduced, the movie wouldn't change. Tom Waits didn't add to the plot, he was used to give a lame monologue at the end. If you look at Shaun of the dead, each Character grows and changes with the plot. The same goes with Romero's first three Living dead films. Return of the living dead was another film where you see each character add to the plot. This one didn't work for me. Im glad you loved it. Yep. Here's the basic layout. Im still trying to figure out how anyone thought a tank would be that spacious in season 1. There was a theory that the characters are losing their hearing from using weapons without ear protection. But then agsin, I stopped watching when Glen died. The show was getting boring. Ill have to check that out. She was acting selfishly and hogging the attention of Kermit. She was being piggish. True. Though, the third season tend sc to be the end of most good shows. Scrubs lost all it's mojo around that time. Jeepers that show's final season(s) sucked. At least it ended before it got bad. View all replies >