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Wondering about the radiation risks Spoilers.....What's the historic timeline here? Great show....even if a bit 'shallow' in the long run What's the show's pedigree? Season 3? Just a modern day Monkees, with an Rating Floki's Icelandic adventure has been both frustrating and fascinating Just once....ask a hard question Wish she could make the writers/editors 'strong' They forgot the walker disguise? View all posts >


Another old response.... Did an IMDB search for the director. It looks to be Men And War III. Just find this Japanese movie from 2005, which is a decent watch. When watching this, Eddie just reminded me of all his past characters, rather than a whole new one. Especially the ones from the early stand up films. The rest of the cast was great though, especially Wesley Snipes, who stole most his scenes. I just thought it was funny....Dwight says there must be water because the horses are to a river...... Yeah. Yeah, not looking for accuracy, was just curious if there was anything explaining it. Not only the executions, but that they were televised.... The crossed eyed look is a Japanese artistic think, which is supposed to convey determination and focus. It's used in lots of woodcut paintings. Doesn't exactly translate culturally. I'm 52, but have kept up with the scene....and in all honesty, most of them have fewer than 100 followers on Facebook, so many don't know them in general. But than, it's also why I do my show :) Hope you have a listen and enjoy! Let the artists know how you discovered them. The remake is a fantasy version of the original, with only the base ideas carried over. Yeah, the original can be confusing, but it's a great story, and a classic example of Japanese bushido spirit and ethics. I say read up on the original story below, maybe that will help spur your interest in forging ahead. The keanu Reeves version is ok, but it's a very different idea all around. Lots of great new indie music, like Seaside, Seablite, Jeanines, Foliage, Grow Rich and a ton more! Women work in Giliad....slavery is still work. View all replies >