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What's the show's pedigree? Season 3? Just a modern day Monkees, with an Rating Floki's Icelandic adventure has been both frustrating and fascinating Just once....ask a hard question Wish she could make the writers/editors 'strong' They forgot the walker disguise? When did this take place? The WD universe must be about a higher power The helicopter pilot though... View all posts >


LOL.....but it does seem something clicked for her at the diner. Maybe she realized she has to be more aggressive. And even after she finds the speaker, all she does is react to the sound. It's a trap, cut the wire! Love how she got utterly smashed by a car (if not a truck), must have had numerous broken bones, etc.......turns to a zombie, and instantly runs like an Olympian sprinter. I get not feeling pain, but at least make her limp or something. I can understand op's opinion. In general, it feels 'unnatural' to see certain characters in specific shows. It's more natural in a modern setting. I get more annoyed when it's pushed two hundred years or more back in time, a time when homosexuality existed, but was always hidden in western culture. It's all about context. Thanks, love the Psycho Pass animation! Amazing how big the industry is now. I recall having to travel down to Little Tokyo (Los Angeles) to find films at the Japanese video subtitles, little clue as to what was going on, but they were still amazing! Appreciate the recommendation. In all honesty, I haven't been able to watch most of the anime from the past 10 years. I grew up with the anime from the 80's, when it felt like there was a pride in both the art and story being multi dimensional. Now it just feels very cartoony, and cheaply made....There are a few that stand out, like the Miyazaki films, but just a few. The one that comes to mind is Record of Lodoss War, but it's closer to D&D. It's a good mix of well drawn anime (1990), and storyline. No idea how the more recent versions are, but the old ones are classic. Ahhhh, but think of all the cool visuals we got from the crows eye as he warged.....or the night king on a dragon, and the approaching dead. I wonder how much that has to do with the way a story arc now covers the entire season, rather than each episode having it's own specific story. Or......she could have attacked the ships from behind. If I recall, all the spears were mounted on the front of the ships, so the masts would have provided cover for a rear attack. One pass and most the ships would have been burning wrecks. View all replies >