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Think of it as a movie set, where the buildings are real, and the actors are all robots. maybe because the show isn't specifically for the die hard fans. It's meant to be self encapsulating, so that anyone can jump in and enjoy it (if even if gasp, they'd never seen the original films). It's been a long time since the films were released, they're playing to a whole new audience who will likely go back and watch them AFTER seeing the show. It was a familial/community based group, and the brothers clearly used the strong arm to intimidate everyone into following along. Granted, some of them were just as twisted, but a few were clearly cowed into following their agenda. Pretty typical for a backwater, isolated group power structure. He fought under him grudgingly, and was still pissed about daughter. And as his final moments show, he was always clueless about reality. And how many people perked their ears up at those intro notes played......and paid attention to the add. I think it was meant to reinforce the differences women faced in both the eras she lived. For us watching now, it's 'mid evil', but in fact it really was. Most women had little more rights than slaves or children. And while I wont excuse the use of rape as a (often used) plot point, it helps us understand the risks she takes in being a strong woman, or just the basic every day efforts she has to make. I wonder if it was for the basic reason that more people would recognize Clementine, at least American viewers. Reggie Miller was one of the better personalities, completely honest and forthright. All you could ever hope for......hell, he was even funny. It's not just propaganda, it's how the CCP are focusing their population on a future conflict with the US. It's well known that their military *(and the American one for that matter) foresee a US/China war as the next large conflict. Quite possibly over the South China Sea, where China has been illegally creating islands on shoals and reefs, and converting those to military bases (basically aircraft carriers without the need of a ship), and harassing the fishing fleets of local nations. "old man" weenie rules. Rule 11 should have been "stay off my lawn". View all replies >