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I agree with the poster who said that this was his finest hour. I never thought he had the range to pull off a shrewd, calculating psycho, but he did and he did it quite well. Hey, hookers and blow aren't cheap, ya know. Nobody goes there anymore. Hi. It is a known issue that the Blu-ray version of The Matrix has had its color-timing altered in order to match the look of the sequels, much to many fans of the first film's demise. This results in an overly green tint that was not intended by the director of photography. Sadly, there is no (official) HD alternative. Your best bet is to track down a copy of the DVD, however I am not sure if even that transfer matches that of the theatrical version. Thankfully, you can check with the fine folks over at Original Trilogy, who revel in film preservation and are involved with many fan projects that aim to recreate the theatrical experience of many films. View all replies >