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Probably to eat his brains, then they shoved the scalp in his mouth and hit a spike into it, maybe to plug him up who says its an ending? this guy could have wrote loads more onto this story, and now that they tested the waters and the views are up, who knows what could be in the works. Would be cool if this was kind of Children of Men-esque, a flashback or prequel to the story about how humanity fights back, showing us the origin story of how the "one" was born and all that.. with the way their continuing all these stories 10-15 years later, never know what could happen! Yeah same, you could tell from the way he was narrating that his story would end up revealing him in the end and lead into season 2, but I couldn't figure out who it was. He sounded a lot like Steve Murphy from first two seasons. Great season though, love the way they started fresh but kept the worlds connected. Excited for next season. View all replies >