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Are you okay? Do you need a moment to digest the idea that a black woman could be smarter than a white man? Tell her I said hey boo! One of my immediate thoughts too. His friend even said the parents went to his funeral but they wouldn’t go see their own son? There is no knowable answer. Not from believers and not from aethiests. Seriously, how can anyone believe matter just happened. And the whole structure of DNA just happened. That’s idiotic. But then there is the question as to why God hasn’t interfered in things like the Holocaust. So ultimately, I think we all need to agree that NOBODY KNOWS. Have faith if you want but there is no true answer. Agreed. People saying they had to cut him out due to run time but that’s just ridiculous. Omitting an entire sibling and not even mentioning that yet another comitted suicide? That’s 3 of 6 brothers! Maybe but a little cash couldnt have hurt. Thank you. I was reading his comment and thinking you can’t be serious? Always my favorite too. Exactly my thought. I also don’t get why people go to a message board about a 40 year old movie just to say they don’t find it funny. Are you that bored in life? Looking for some validation of some kind? For 5 days of work. I ran a calculator online that adjusts for inflation. That’s a little over $94,000 in today’s dollars. So that’d be about $19,000/day today in comparison. Considering he was known but not an A-lister, I’d be happy with that pay for 1 week of work. View all replies >