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Or maybe she isn’t. Ever think of that? This is the SECOND time the character of Holly Gibney has been portrayed on TV so far I think & in the 1st one she was young & white. It was in a show I haven’t seen before called “Mr. Mercedes”. Go figure. The man could play drop dead serious & he could also be great in comedy & other tongue in cheek roles. He could pull it off no matter what the tone. Everyone is forgetting "The Fury". He was great in that also. Well unlike you i wouldn't put down everyone who decides to go a alternative/holistic route. Take Dirk Benedict for instance. He was diagnosed in the early 70's at the start of his career with cancer & he found someone who encouraged him to go the macrobiotic diet route & he pretty much cured himself, so there are success stories out there believe it or not. Ok, this is one of the things that I've asked, but it's not so clear cut in the show what's going on. But thanks anyway. Thing is I don't know, I mean I jumped to the end to read what they had & when I read him saying that I was like "Whoaaa!!" But look at this way, what's the worst that was gonna happen to him? Was he going to hell or something? LOL! I don’t know! I’m looking for the answer online but I can’t find it & no one seems to be giving me a straight answer. Even the Wiki page for the novel & mini series doesn’t come right out & say so I don’t know. You must not have been watching “Watchmen”. They showed a few in that. The thing is, is it's not open to interpretation, not really. Read my post below. This is just a show the Netflix is probably hoping attracts viewership based off it's content. The thing is plotwise, you don't have to wonder about it because the premise it's based on was already clearly outlined. Let's put it this way, When the "messiah" truly returns, there would be NO speculation as to who he is because you're going to KNOW without a doubt who he is & that it's him. Which is the thing that doesn't make sense about this series. The way the bible puts it, there would be no suspense, because when the messiah returns, we will see him in appear in the heavens sitting on his throne in all his glory with his angels, signaled by loud trumpets. So no, he's not going to be some dude who just happens to appear on earth doing random things where you have to wonder who he is. That happened already, & it's agreed the second time around there won't be any doubt about it as the bible outlines. As I said that question according to the bible will be settled if and when he does return. Thanks Foe, but I believe Ed got it. Thank you Ed. That’s it! Way to go, giving us an explanation to let a sniveling coward off the hook. NO that’s not why he was hiding in the locker you fool. The truth was evident to all the other soldiers & us the viewing audience soon enough by his continued cowardly conduct. So much so that Jean (Michael Ironside’s character) was going to kill him, but he was stopped by Rico. That’s a serious thing to do & that could be his life if his superiors decided to court martial him for it. My take on it WrepDrep, is that the ship was constructed of a metal that’s from his home world & as such is made of a material that can hurt or kill him. It’s not that much of a stretch, after all Superman has his Kryptonite (pieces of his home planet Krypton). Superman never did expand on the subject though, meaning if anyone had a crowbar or a weapon such as a knife or gun from his world, would that hurt him or would he still be invincible because he was on earth? Hell, maybe we can shoot for a HBO series at this point. They’re doing a decent job (IMO) of “His Dark Materials”which as we know came out in the theatre's as “The Golden Compass” which was a one & done deal & then abandoned when it didn’t do well. At least HBO is committed to finishing all of the books so that’s something. Maybe they can get ahold of “Hellboy” & have a go at it. 0ne can only hope. Funny you should say that Foebane72, just ask Quasi, I too made fun of the lone witch-minus her entire clan at Bolvangar. Are we ever going to see any of Serifina’s “sisters?” I’m disappointed too that the killing blow wasn’t shown but even in “The Golden Compass” it wasn’t that bloody. If I remember correctly Iorek slashed his throat, not ripped off his lower jaw. But who’s doing the “sending?” We all thought it was Asriel but he always has the choice to say “no”. Is it his men? As their leader they answer to him so that’s not the answer, is it the bears then? Why would they be interested in killing children and/or forcing Asriel to use any child he comes across? Before he became their prisoner, who did the sending & choosing then? Btw Stelmaria is a real bitch, she’s just as bad as he is. She wanted to use Lyra, in the worst way then when she saw Roger it was all good. Are daemons supposed to exactly mirror their human counterparts in terms of character & morals? For example if the man/woman is a saint or a scumbag then will it follow that your daemon is as well? There is no chance of them deviating from what you happen to be? To serve as a “ Better half” of sorts? Synopsis from last nights episode is worded as thus: "Everything ends, for real this time" Conclude from that what you like. The thing I'd love someone to explain to me Quasi is the Tartars attacked the Gyptian camp at night, so ok. Whether it's sometime that same night or even if you give it to the morning, how far could they have gone, that the Gyptians wouldn't get to Blovangar until maybe a couple of days since Lyra has been there? They should've only been maybe a few hours behind. That's something I don't understand but maybe I'm wrong, who knows.