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“gary4movies (19) 2 hours ago You're such a baby, I couldn't help but respond to your incredibly stupid thread. And, yes, I watch "I Love Lucy" and other classic shows on DVD and Blu Ray. Suggestion: drop your overpriced cable - which airs mostly junk - and invest in some shows. Then make the effort to make some REAL friendships, then you won't have suck your thumb while watching cut TV shows in your mother's basement before rushing to get back online with your pretend TZ friends.” Ooohhh Witty comeback. I see you pooled every ounce of your indelible sarcastic wit that you must obviously be known for on MC, for that response. I don’t even understand half of your insults. What do YOU know of me & my overpriced cable? Hint! I don’t pay for anything, try again. I’ve noticed that you hadn’t had a snide remark for anyone else here who responded to you. You must have had a orgasm when I responded which is probably what you were waiting for. My bad, I broke the cardinal rule, “Do not feed the trolls”. You win the internet today apeboy. That and a years supply of douchekits. The next time you feel you can’t help yourself, Please DO! To do you one better, I’m going to post what you said for everyone to see but place you on “Ignore” so you won’t be able to keep this going any further which I”m sure is going to enrage your 10 year old mentality. Hey Gary, if you’re so concerned with all that’s plaguing the world in 2020 why don’t you do shut up & do something about it? You know instead of criticizing me for being somewhat disappointed that one of my favorite holiday traditions that I look forward to didn’t happen this year & it was tongue in cheek at that. What do YOU care how I enjoy it whether I watch it on cable or not? Mr. Moneybags, would YOU like to buy me the DVD’s since you’re adamant that I’d have them? As estcst had observed, you seem to have made it a bigger deal than I did. Why don’t you move on dude? Or at least go back to your “I Love Lucy” shows. Sheesh, I swear people pop onto these boards just for conflict or to get a rise out of people. That deepfake was Henry Thomas of “ET - Legends of the Fall - Suicide Kings” fame. “Ellliiooottt!” THAT Henry Thomas. Totally agree with you there, the only reason I even watch that dumb channel is because of the TZ marathons, commercials & all. Talk about not knowing a good thing when you have one. Regarding their bi -annual marathons. Strange, I thought that I had this channel on my cable (Optimum) but I don’t see it. Searched for “The Twilight Zone” in the search field & it didn’t bring up anything for either a “Decades” channel or any episodes being shown on the 4th. :( Thank you Jennie! Hmmm.....nice to know! Thank you. To tell you the truth I never really thought about it til I read this question. There’s really not much that I “can’t stand” regarding the TZ classic episodes. They’re all unique in their own way, even the one’s that aren’t my favorites still have their own appeal. I’lll still watch them come what may. There may be ones that I’ll skip during a marathon where I won’t bother to tune in & take a break but that doesn’t mean I can’t “stand them”. Really what exactly? Don’t see your problem with it, & it IS a valid question on his part, because like it or not it’s true. Even his friend thought it was suspicious when he saw both of them meet & sit. Got that in reverse I think. Btw it IS addressed in one important scene but since they never made it a practice to meet out in the open again, how’d you think it would be addressed? What in the hell are you talking about? What in the hell are you currently on? That’s what I want to know. View all replies >