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What I remember him from was the TV series “Time Trax” from the 80’s. He was the main star in that so when “Pet Sematary” came around I knew who he was. He wasn’t that bad I think. You didn’t need Olivier for this for Pete’s sake. You’re right^about the omniscience part. The devil is NOT omniscient (all knowing/all seeing) Omnipresent (the ability to be everywhere at once, at the same time) & omnipotent (all powerful) like GOD is. You & the others here watch too many horror movies if you believe he is so my advice, forget about this stupid movie. People make the mistake of viewing the devil as a god himself. He’s not, he’s a created thing, he was created by an almighty, all powerful God, and a created thing is part of creation & a created thing in creation is called a “creature”. So Satan is merely a creature, an animal much like humans (mammals) are. Albeit he as an angel is a creature on a higher plane of existence than us, with higher faculties, gifts and abilities but only a creature just like your dog, cat, bird, mom or dad nonetheless. Constantine did say to Angela it was about a contest between Luu & God using only “influence”. Now that should you tell you something, something IMPORTANT. He CANNOT touch your “will” That he CANNOT do, which is why he tempts, lies & deceives, because it’s to get YOU to do that, not him. This also goes for God himself as he cannot do that either nor would he want to as he wouldn’t have given us free will if he was going to bend us to his will. When it comes to him & the big G, I don’t understand why people stress or are fearful because as it stands it never was a contest to begin with as to who the easy & clear winner is ALWAYS going to be. So NO Luu wasn’t expected to necessarily “know” what was going on in the other room & no Gabriel didn’t have any “blocker” on her so he wouldn’t. He couldn’t have known or seen already as his limits are just that..his limits just like we have. Have a good night. Actually I know the answer as I recently was researching the episode & read it online. The key was to her secret motel room where she went to change into her various outfits. She put it there so the detective couldn’t find it & trace her movements & obviously find the clothes. Ah”Witching Time!” The episode that inspired me to look up the word “Strumpet”. Oh EXCUSE ME! REALLY? Aren’t you a little ray of sunshine. Then maybe you’d better get busy answering it since you’re so interested instead of trolling me. I’d like to think it was Peter Cushing. I know I’m wrong but still I’d like to think so. As Don Corleone said to Amerigo Bonasera in “The Godfather” when Amerigo asked Don Vito to kill the men who beat his daughter til one inch of her life. He was demanding “justice” but Vito would have none of it. “That’s not justice, your daughter still lives” Those men Sandie murdered never hurt her or of course killed her, so her killing them wasn’t justice in the least. She was never beat, maimed, disfigured or otherwise hurt & there’s no indication none of them bothered her afterwards so it’s hard to sympathize much for her. Only that wing nut Eloise did because she idolized her, but she was wrong. She too could’ve used this logic but she wouldn’t. This moron lost me at “health packs”. He thinks he’s clever. Maybe instead of us stopping watching, he should stop replying if it bothers him/her. Per Ellie’s words, “Eat sh!t” is right. Right on the money because that’s what this all is, sh!t. I’m not buying any of this, that a preteen is a killing machine capable of taking out several men & getting out of any hairy situation she’s thrown into. GTFOH. Someone as obnoxious as her in an apocalyptic world would’ve been killed already 20 times over. Me? I would’ve gone after her just for spite, after making me that mad. Joel is a cold blooded killer, & you can see why Tommy was bummed remembering the sh!t they did together. No wonder he cut the guy off. You’re telling me as bad as Joel was after being stabbed & bleeding out in the freezing cold, no food, fluids & stitched up by nurse Ellie, & left in pain wheezing on the floor that all of a sudden he’s up and running? When you’re toed up, you’re toed up & he was in no condition to do ANYTHING! But of course the plot called for it & now he’s getting the drop over a group of guys searching for him. Even in the best of times if he was in a great hospital with doctors & nurses attending him, he wouldn’t have been close to being up & about & fighting….and killing as we saw him do in the show. Don’t even give me flack about the medicine Ellie supposedly gave him. That wouldn’t do anything until after quite some time & that’s a maybe & in the proper environment due to a lot of other factors. Give me a freaking break with this show, super killer Ellie & zombie Joel. But there are those of you just eaitng this up I bet. Sigh. You’re right about that Liquid. 2nd one probably turned me off for the whole series, no matter how many of them are made. Let’s hope this somehow helps to right that. View all replies >