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Interesting Character Study. Some Disturbing Things I’ve Learned Regarding Her. Let Me See If I Got This Right….. So It’s Got Zeus Too Huh? Let Me Get This Striaght. Precursor to Wargames. This Seems Lost on Some People… Really? Forgot All About This! Episode 5: “The Baby” View all posts >


It’s been so long since I seen the last season I just am confused about all that you said. BUT I had the subtitles on so I know who that man was/is. You know the one Dolores went on a blind date to meet & also the one that observes her from the street at the end. That’s Teddy Flood, a friendly so I was right in assuming that Bernard sent him to her. In the previews for next week or down the line I guess we see her with Bernard, so I’m thinking he comes to her & takes her to Bernard. When last we see Bernard, he was deactivated where he had dust on him when he “woke up” so I don’t know how long it’s been time wise. No it’s not. Me too Sarah. Thanks for the post. Btw: Check out the post: “The Other Blonde Lady”. When I first saw the movie I was confused about that too. Seems a lot of us were. Tell me what you think. Either you’re a troll or you must be 10 years old. Where did I say what I believed was the better movie? Where did I say video games were stupid? At least all of them? David played a stupid game with that computer video or not, I didn’t even specify “video games” at all. Not that I think all of them are stupid. If you dislike me bumping this thread or movie then it begs the question what are you doing here in the first place? Pot calling kettle black, I should be ignoring YOU. It has & it was titled “Wargames” even though a lot of the plot elements are different in that film. The general idea was still the same. Even though “Wargames” admittedly wasn’t as dire or as depressing as “Colossus” as it had a hopeful ending. It’s been quite awhile Sarah since I’ve seen this so I”m a little foggy myself on the details. I”m not watching it again to refresh my memory. Well I think maybe why the other girl came back & wanted to hurt her sister. It seems maybe the older sister knew what was happening, I”m not sure. The ending was confusing because was the mother dead? Or was she just back in time where the other daughter was alive. Like I said I have to guess even at my own reasons as it’s been too long since I’ve watched it. Actually I didn’t like her because I thought she turned into a real b!tch in this one. She didn’t want to help Dave, she then turned against him, then she didn’t want to help him out with his father & when he got killed she asks him “Do you hate me for not helping you out with your dad?” I mean c’mon. Dave was too forgiving & too loving in this considering he’s the one with who had all this sh!t dropped on his doorstep. Mindy was left alone pretty much but Dave had the bullseye on his back. What was so hot about her in this? Let me answer that. Uhhhh…..NO! In a word “BULLSHIT!” “ Because nothing brings people closer together than a common enemy or common dangers.” What common enemy or dangers? Smith HAS NO or does not CARE about common enemies or dangers, only those that are dangers or enemies to himself. He’s the definition of selfishness capitalized. if a danger to the Robinson & Don were also a danger to him, that didn’t put him on no ones side Otter, you got your tea leaves crossed there bud. As for what I was saying, Smith held a gun to Don & not only threatened to kill him as well as leave the rest of the Robinsons marooned on the planet. That’s called “showing your hand”. There was, is, could never be no doubt about who he was & what he was about from then on. They would have HAD to deduce that he indeed was the enemy who was the reason they were lost in space & was the one responsible for sabotaging the ship. From there it’s no leap to figure out he’s not exactly who he says he is that he could be an enemy agent from a foreign power. Don had to fight the guy for his life, what was he going to say? It was all a mistake? That he was upset? Sure. Your take on it is too simplistic Otter. All he had to do was tell John what happened & if the show followed any semblance of common sense you forcibly remove the guy & kick him out at gunpoint. There is no “It’s only natural Smith would start to consider himself as part of the Robinson team”. As of then it would’ve been GAME OVER! You’re out! There ARE NO take backs from then on there but I”m sure you have must have a explanation of course as to why there would be. I’m not buying it & I’m sure many others who read this are not buying it either. THANK YOU Philhelm! Was wondering about that & I didn’t even notice that scene where Balon mentioned that. Thanks for the info, good stuff. What shocked me is the episode where that country guy landed on the planet, When they went to investigate Don actually handed Smith a weapon & I thought “WHOA! Didn’t see that coming! In God’s name WHY?!” Then a few episodes later on he mentions something about “No way I’m ever handing YOU a gun Smith”. But he DID! THEN of course you have the episode which I just saw btw where Smith was alone with the girls & had all of the guns & dismantled most of them because genius that he was he wanted to “clean” them & thought he could put them back together easily. So again he had access to ALL of them. With none of the men there. Mind numbing! Someone explain that to me. View all replies >