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Confused Regarding the Sequence of Events. That Song Was Heartbreaking. So Will Looking Glass Be the Main Catalyst? Why are Red & Jenny Messing With Angela? Question I’d Love Answering. Dr. Manhattan Making an Appearance In Episode 8? Safe to Say Most of the Mystery is Gone... It's Hard to Get Excited for Most of This Considering.... Ending Needs Some Explaining..... What In the Hell? View all posts >


She's got a unique look about her, I was taken aback at first but it grows on you. Who needs a broom? What's more badass than leaning off a cliff to fall & then flying back up? They did it better I think by doing that. Btw naked? I've known people who've read the book & they never told me anything like that. The only thing I AM disappointed is that so far in this series there's no Ruta Skadi in this. Now she was supposed to be gorgeous & badass. But isn't it ironic that the real life actress of Serafina in this show is named Ruta? Things that make you go! Eh, it's alright, nothing special. Saw a totally different trailer on my phone than the ones you put up. Don't get me wrong, regardless I'll be there waiting in line when this comes out but the trailers are kinda subdued I'd say. That would be horrifying to me! God I HATE bugs! It sure would be uber disgusting to see someone have a roach/waterbug daemon! Or an ant or worm! That lady journalist who was killed in a couple of episodes back had a butterfly daemon. It bears asking, are there any hard & set rules on what a daemon can or can't be? Seems rather stupid to have insect daemons who can be killed by mistake if someone doesn't know any better. You happen to see someones bug daemon near you & you're like, "Oh excuse me. SPLAT!" (You hit it with a shoe or something.) Then you're like "Oh shhh!!! SORRY! Uhh am I in trouble? No your honor I never meant it i swear!" Your moth daemon is attracted to the bug zapper when you're out eating & you're in mid conversation. "Well I was thinking of going to Paris on vacation &....zap! ka blink!" That's gotta suck. Maybe, but it's a cheap way to say that he was either in this or was the films anti-hero. Neither are true. Even the after credits scene didn't allude to him. Except you had that strange insect thing who I had no idea was supposed to be. What the hell are they talking about? Shazam didn't have no anti-hero in the movie except for Mark Strong's character. Thanks a lot NorrinRad, I spit out my water reading the first 2 lines. Now my co-workers are looking at me. Man that's funny! Don't believe Judd was faking for one instant which is why it's mind boggling to learn of his involvement in all of this & that he was one of the higher ups. But that's how Damon Lindelof probably wanted it. For us to tear ourselves apart trying to reconcile it all. Knowing is only half the battle, trying to understand it is the real struggle. You have on one hand, a caring decent man who was honestly distraught when one his African American officers got shot & put in a coma, who had a genuine respect & friendship with one of his black officers. Then on the other hand you find out he's associated with the presidential candidate & could be part of a insidious conspiracy with a radical white supremacist group. It's part of the brilliance of the show, we're left to figure out what side we are going to come down on regarding all of this. Well that reasoning is flawed, the smartest man & woman thing. It doesn't quite work like that, but then again we're talking about a comic book, so scratch that, it probably does. But I do agree that Veidt has a good chance of being revealed as her father. I concur! Didn't see that one coming. But apparently Lady Trieu must have known all along. I'm wondering how in the hell did the 7th Kavalry know also. Who knew the good Doctor was getting his groove back by getting jiggy with it with Angela? Just think how Laurie is going to feel when she finds all of this out. Godzilla seems to have a good sense of who’s an ally & who might be a threat. After all why is Mothra a friend then? So I’m surprised he’s going to mix it up with Kong by not knowing anything about him yet. Because he is chilling on Skull Island not bothering anyone so why the need for confrontation? View all replies >