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Depiction of God in This... Some Questions to Consider.... DEAD! Young Diana in the Competition at the Beginning. What Was the Biblical Reference Used? Damn!....It’s Going to Be a Long Year... Too Many Questions... Changed it Up a Bit Huh? The Brunette...WOW! View all posts >


WTF is this all about? That’s wild. I’m not believing anybody anymore. I mean c’mon now. WTH? Are you serous?! That’s a good call Paladin, either that or simply a heart attack. What else is there that could be that sudden? Unless a brain aneurysm of some kind. Shocking but as they say “here today, gone tomorrow”. It’s so true. Hope they find out but she’s still dead whatever happens. R.I.P. Tanya. Ah! My bad, you’re right! You’re right, the scene played out as implying that Cheetah was going to die but she didn’t. As for Diana being a god, you must have missed the part where her making a “wish” took away her invincibility where she got hurt & even bled. So yeah when you think about it that should’ve killed her. Great points fc31 & 123. Yeah that’s true, I hadn’t thought of all of that, but yes you both make a world of sense. Whether you believe it’s unconvincing or not for child Diana to compete in the games is not really the issue. She’s got the best excuse in Themyscira as to why she’d be allowed to compete in the games, she’s the daughter of the queen, simple as that, with the point being she was given special privileges that no one else would question. Even she wouldn’t question it herself so she’d never really question as to “who am I really?” The competition itself had nothing to do with combat so despite her mother not wanting her trained in combat doesn’t figure into it at all. As a Amazonian citizen, especially as daughter of the queen, she’d be trained early on in the use of the bow & the riding of a horse, so that all makes sense. It’s obvious the first obstacle was geared for a child specifically as she went straight to it while all the other adults went on to different ones. Especially the other one where there was a hole where she could jump through, so yeah her being a child did figure somewhat into how the course was laid out but who am I to say? Good points though. That’s debatable on the teenage Diana front 123 but I understand your point. Maybe in the next WW they’ll move up to a teenage Diana in a flashback if they include one in the next film. But I guess this is just a testament to Lilly Aspell & the job she did as young Diana in the first film. She was also great in this, so I’m not 2nd guessing the decision. Was THAT it? I didn’t realize. She was right in front of it then, probably a goof on her part. But thank you anyway. Instead of posting dozens upon dozens of links here that contradict the bullshit you’re telling me I’ll just let it go, because we all know you’re such a Segal fanboy & it’s probably a blow to your ego that this happened so I’ll be nice. You think you’re clever, you’re not even the least bit knowledgeable or funny. The only win-win I see is if she had a fight with YOU! That I would love to see so she can snap you in 2. As for not so pretty fat boy 7th Dan Segal Sensei, big tough guy he is, George Lebell sure put him in his place by making him sh!t his pants by putting him in a choke hold. Think Sensei Steve, now knows a little about humility me thinks. I’m guessing he’s keeping his head down these days I’d say. Oh well. What critics are saying this is good? News to me. I’m shocked that this movie was as bad as it was, shocked, as I never would’ve believed it if you told me. Luckily this was a HBO MAX freebie for me so I didn’t risk going to the theaters & have to pay more money for this crap which is the only saving grace out of all this. There are some movies I can turn on & just watch but this was a chore to get through. It felt like actual work to sit there & slog through all of this, I just don’t understand what the hell it was they did. The invisible jet was dumb, & what’s the use in doing that to begin with if she can later fly? WW fly? Think they have their DC movies mixed up. To think they tried to make this a wokefest but instead made it a sleepfest. WW3 cannot afford to be a repeat of this or the franchise is finished. Yeah I said it. View all replies >