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Didn’t Like Episode 2. Well That Was Anti-Climatic Wasn't It? Anyone Notice That.... Did Anyone Cheer? The Porn Theater Scene.... How Strong is It? What Was the Pitch? Scenes Deleted on Amazon Prime.... That Was Dumb. Whatever Became Of..... View all posts >


I think it’s Teddy. Based off the things she said in the trailer, somethings along the line that “you’ll have to be a girl & you’re the only one I trust” I have to believe she saved Teddy somehow & now he’s in Charlottes body. Ok, I spent a few minutes of my life reading that which I'll never get back but the thing that gets me, after all of that you go on to say exactly.......NOTHING! So what's the point of your post? Scorpion King his most iconic role? Ok, exactly when do I stop laughing in your face? If anything his stint as Hobbs in The "F&F" movies is one of the roles he's reprised the most. I'd say wait for this turn as "Black Adam" which "might" if all things go well & he does a reasonably good job with the part might very well be his career defining role, but we'll have to wait & see. Gollard, please that's another problem I have with how this shit ended. I'm talking about the "children" part. Per Ralph's question to it. "Why children?" It: "They're the sweetest" Stupid freaking answer, stupid script, stupid writing. We were never led to believe that it killed children because it couldn't go after anyone else. As this show progressed, we are led to believe that it needed to kill & feed on children in order for it to survive, that nothing else would do adequately. Deer, bear, human adults, etc. Am I right? That is what we were being told I'm not wrong in assuming this? To finally learn that "Hey I did it because they were the tastiest, not that I "needed to" was like the shows writers/producers laughing in our faces, giving us that bs explanation. But once more I don't think it did it, & even it never said that it did this because it couldn't prey upon anyone/thing else. Again that's another aspect of this that I"m angry with the way it turned out. McPike You're a scholar & a gentleman sir. I salute you! Thanks! Uh...yes. Cable Uhhh....NO! How hungry could it have been? It fed on 2 people prior to the carnival. Plus what you're saying makes sense but I wonder if that was on it's mind when it got caught. One thing that is proven out of all of that. Like everything else, including us, it is prone to being undone by luck & circumstance. Like that girl watching out for her brother & blowing the whistle on it. So we now know it could never be too careful & can be caught up with. View all replies >