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You're right. Look at what she & her husband did to that "mook" who just went to scope them out. That's all he did & look at the way he got killed. REAL psycho! She's certainly not a sympathetic character, that's for sure. Jesus Christ, what if you’re asthmatic? Have a heart condition? You’re dead. Thank you both. Thank you Appreciate your opinion Roguemail, I really do. My problems with it is according to canon we all know that Joker was a former gangster, who worked for a crime family. High/low level I guess it doesn’t matter, but he had experience & knowledge of that world, he lived the life. Arthur was someone who didn’t, he wasn’t a criminal per se, until he killed a few people of course but still. He was insane yes but no experienced knowledgeable criminal. How would he be able to transform into the clown prince of crime we all know The Joker is? He has no actual chops for it, where’s it coming from? What does he have to draw on to be Batman’s main nemesis? The Joker we’re all used to was as crazy as a bat but a brilliant mastermind. Arthur can’t even spell correctly. How’s he going to go from “here to there?” Ok. Why doesn’t every radio station, everywhere spark outrage over playing this song instead of sensationalizing it’s use for a movie? Oh and also God knows maybe the thousandth movie to feature it on its soundtrack? Me thinks someone is trolling. Love the idea of Bale or Reynolds for Face. Now those are great ideas that I would have loved to see but Cooper sufficed. By the same token I hate all your suggestions for BA. Johnson? Like he’s not in enough f*%ing movies already. I have. Thank you. It’s a possibility Foebane72, that may very well be the case although it still would be a huge waste of time & effort on his part in my opinion. This would only serve to cause him to lose credibility which is the last thing he should want. View all replies >