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I watched this a while back for the first time and admit I laughed at the horse death scene. Does anyone remember this old Starburst commercial from the 90s or early 2000s? Poor Bob! I prefer some Golden Globe decisions over some Oscar decisions. So I am just now watching this and would like to know... This movie had a terrible ending. I just had a thought about a story aspect of this movie. Wish we could have the original comics Kang instead of the alternate universe one. The lack of news is disturbing. I can't believe I never noticed this! List 2 different film characters with similar traits. Post your favorite quotes. It's a shame this movie doesn't get more love. What is the superhero movie or show with this line? Wow! How things have changed! Have Rhody in it as Iron Man. Can someone tell me what Superhero movie or cartoon this is from? I like this movie but I want a Christmas Carol adaptation with Sesame Street characters. According to imdb Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman is going to be in this movie. I can't believe this movie is almost 7 years old now.