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The Master's origin so Quinlan was getting ready for his final fight for 2 thousand years only to.. basically a rural version of Annihilation (spoiler) horse as a symbol Dead Space under water.. deliberately dissatisfactory? (spoilers ahead!) a wasted opportunity View all posts >


just saw Vice Girls today. RIP Lana. what's with all the "this is not the end" drivels I keep stumbling upon wherever I go on the Internet as of late? ok we get it. this is not the end. you thought nobody else had pointed it out already? I was cheering for the Master so it saddened me. problem with Eichorst was that on numerous occasions he had the chance to finish many of the protagonists off but he wasted them by talking too much. may he and the Master reunite in a better world kinder to the Strigoi. lol the influence was there. couldn't unsee them unfortunately. funny you should say that, I thought omg not another bashing on what modern man believes to be superstition again. I agree about this whole thing being doing of the cult but I think either a new character will be introduced or a character we thought to be a normal person turns out to be a super human. wtf did I just read. had not looked at it this way and I got to agree, this would've made a great game. as far as I remember it is never mentioned that they were going to be picked up at the extraction point. maybe it just meant a chopper ready to fly in an abandoned airport. but then again, this film while very enjoyable, is full of plot holes. so.. not denying that a man can be a more horrifying monster but still, that idea belongs to another genre. it doesn't have to be this or that. both concepts deserve to be explored separately. View all replies >