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Yah Trump deals with facts and I deal in opinion. 😅 And slavery is freedom, war is peace, and the sky is purple. You support an Orange pedophile-In-Chief while pretending to be outraged over this film. You're a grade A fuckwit. Don't forget your meds on the way out. Oh because you're so tolerant of the viewpoints and expressions of others, you Nazi cuck boy? By the way, since you see underage girls dancing as titillating and like to call them "whores", you must be a pedophile yourself... You a love Trump I'm sure; who defended a pedophile, wished a child trafficker well, and barged into Teen USA change rooms to "inspect" the girls - and you probably also loved that Milo "alt-right" fucker, who argued in favour of pedophilia. I'm sure you listen to Qanon too, who's founder was charged with pedophilia... You haven't got a leg to stand on, pedo. Here, here Thomas. These nimrods are so devoid of self-awareness that they're even proud to admit they won't watch a film that they want banned; the so-called "free speech warriors fed up with PC" proudly carrying on like Nazi book burners - as they always were. What exactly is the irony, Spencer lover? You're an absolute moron to be passing judgement upon a film you haven't seen. 🤣 The fact that you're not all outraged that the sort of dance number condenmed in the film is an accepted mainstay of American culture, or by people in this very thread calling little girls "whores", shows how full of it you are. Get back to me when you have some new material. Yeah and Joe Biden is a Communist and the Lizard People and Soros are stealing your thoughts. Yes if only we could be as tolerant and level-headed as your beloved Orange Man... EB, you call little girls whores and jerk off over Neo-Nazis like Richard Spencer... The skinhead brain trust has spoken. I hope you're sterile. The film was meant to shock you, not arouse your degenerate arses... View all replies >