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wtf, what's the worst??? or maybe he dumped her What were his last words? Did you watch it? The dog joke was great haha, yeah he plays it like an actor. His hands are too measly This would have been much better if done today, with 8 episodes or so to develop it. I feel like they pushed along the plot too fast. YES! I assume because it was a necessary plot device but.... She was beautiful and really nice, probably smart and well to do high falootin - so why wouldn't his dad like to meet her?? It wasn't like Randy had another girlfriend somewhere or whatever. I really thought that was a little contrived for no other reason than to develop the story. Maybe if she was from a family they didn't like or he wanted him to concentrate on his studies... The ending was weird too but the middle was the best Did you see Miles' original girlfriend. Okay, SHE is way too hot. Kate Winslet, it's possible. Because it's not a degree that you can get a job with It helps if the stranger is Jude Law... Yes, but it's pretty enjoyable Was it because it was snowing? I thought it was a little much but not as much as he was introduced 5 seconds after he entered the building and everyone was prepared for him. Was the only purpose of the show for him? Wouldn't they have introductions or some sort of program? Was everyone just waiting patiently? If she's in the next one, I hope she is terminated like the Scarecrow in Dark Knight and goes away right in the beginning. No, she was fine compared to the asia kate dillon the adjudicator haha, yeah it was a little much. I assume they were putting on an act Well, it makes sense that the kids are the same culture as the father.... They got too cocky and it all blew up in their faces