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From what I remember she never stabs her wrist, because Adrian stops her just before the pen hits. It's not made terribly clear in the way it's shot though. Everything changes once Adrian finds out she's pregnant. Before then he's just tormenting her and fucking with her, after that he wants her back. He wants the baby above all else, but more than anything he's a complete control freak. There was a point made earlier in the film about the acapella community hating original songs. It seemed to me that they took the risk, went with something original, played the crowd with free flashlights, made it more emotional and sentimental with the old Bellas etc etc. I thought the direction they would take was to make their performance extremely emotional as that was what the Germans were 'missing', they were like a machine so lacked raw emotion. Was surprised they didn't go that way. That said, while I think that all things considered the Bellas performance at the end was better, the DSM performance earlier in the film (at the car show) would have won over both performances. I really shouldn't reply. This post is over 4 years old, I should just let it go.... but I can't. This list is TERRIBLE. The only funny film on this list is Grimsby, White Chicks is notorious for being one of the LEAST funny films (that was meant to be funny) ever made, and you're missing all the actually funny films. No Team America?? Come on.... Good point, well made. Thanks. Gotta say Marnie is one of my favourites, a far more psychological take than Hitchcock's usual fare. Rutland's (Sean Connery) obsession with 'fixing' Marnie is explained, but it's left up to the viewer to deduce rather than being spelled out, which gives a much more natural feel to proceedings but runs the risk of viewers being left in the dark if they don't put the pieces together. It is established fairly early in the movie that Rutland was an expert in Zoology and fascinated with animal psychology, particularly female psychology, and also psychology of the criminal mind. He boasts about training a Jaguar to trust him, this is like a hobby to him. Though he was captivated by her beauty, it was more her mind that got him obsessed. Could he apply what he knew to this obviously troubled woman? He is himself a flawed character, with an unhealthy desire to 'fix' things or show dominance over others by essentially bringing them to heel. There is no healthy connection, even at the end Marnie will not suddenly be ok now that the truth is out, but that is the nature of this relationship warts and all. This is not meant to be a romance. The funny thing is, in Marnie's case, the suggestion they had sex was too much, but implied rape was absolutely fine. Which makes me wonder - was the real issue the idea that a woman might actually want to have sex? Perhaps the implied rape was ok because it was 'all him'? Your list is missing Team America, and is therefore invalid. Don't mind me, just posting on this 16 year old thread to add my praise for this underrated gem. They just don't make them like this anymore... Honestly, just got back from seeing this, and I can't understand the low scores. Sure it's not going to win any awards, but it's not a BAD film, it's perfectly fine. Not sure why everyone has turned on this so hard. View all replies >