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No trailer until April 11th! Probably going to step down from his trilogy in the next week! Courageous? Name a character death... Star wars episode IX... What show were season three critics watching? I think they're going to call this thing... No trailer of any sort until... Superbowl ads NOT happening! SNUBBED! View all posts >


I'd say 8.5-9 Never will happen...but it Is the only solution👍 It's been Netflix for a while now and it has never crossed my mind to watch it again. I know shit when I see it the first time😉👍 Simple...trixy was far too valuable to al. Bullocks knew the fix was in...he was not long for sheriff. He would also know that long term peace and prosperity hinged on aggregating the town's folk for a common goal. He has also learned that al was the man for that purpose prior to hearst...and most likely would be the man afterwards. I think that with the murder of Ellsworth...everyone realized the main goal was to rid themselves of hearst...and that sacrifices would be necessary. That's a good question. I suppose after the whole Hearst affair...he was willing to avoid looking at himself in the mirror and restful sleep to have rid of him. I forgot all about bam f***in with his folks! Damn good stuff mang👍 Party boy is hilarius! Just finished it in netflix. Pretty good 👍 Not until you showed up😉 But the mainstream is also rejecting them. Face it...hardcore fans were that because the material warranted it. View all replies >