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Resting Bitch Face... Dumpster fire... Anyone seen this? New title leak...really bad! My review for episodes 1-6👍 No trailer until April 11th! Probably going to step down from his trilogy in the next week! Courageous? Name a character death... Star wars episode IX... View all posts >


Like the general discussion board. But you said the fans killed it. star wars a zombie now😳 I thought you told me two weeks ago it wasn't dead? Change of heart? Or just Canadian logic?😂 You turkeys couldn't ignore me if you tried😂 You do know what kidneys are used for...right?😂 Solo made less than star trek😉👍 L😂L! His much coke did you snort before recording this? He's actually Jake Skywalker now 😉 ^^^this^^^ View all replies >