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Cool dude👍 That young man could be a senator! Needs a better picture! What ever happened... Not a crook! Probably wears ladies underpants This guy's a F***in hoser eh? More teaser trailer leaks...potential spoilers👍 Disney claims monetization for fan film!😠 Will luke he resurrected? View all posts >


Bump Oops! Well see...😳🙌 But what was the point of his death? To make room for the broom boy?😂 Well not really... I didn't laugh my ass off when obi wan did it 😂 It took you that long to come up with that? L😂L! Right...but you can see how NOT having them would hurt the streaming Oh that's been known. Looks like for a moment he's gonna actually flesh out...ho hum😕 You're acting much like a dog...that mistakenly thinks I care how the bone I tossed him tastes😉 little kids with a lemonade stand. Everyone knows that technically it would need a licence etc...but only an old twat would report a kids lemonade stand😂 Huh? View all replies >