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How did Kubrick get away with the "nigger cook" line? Films that show the black struggle garner free praise. Let's finally admit it. Will he be remembered as much as Nicholson, Ledger and Hamill Jokers? Am I the only one that thinks this show's fanbase is kind of terrible? There is zero chance this is going to be a bad movie. Seriously though, why does James Bond have to be white? The story about his black wife, sincere or bullshit? Does Paulie suffer from arrested development? If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck.... View all posts >


Trick question. They aren't. People remember the good movies and blocked out the bad ones. Just as today's generation will say "why can't there be another There Will Be Blood," forgetting the multitude of Bad Boys and Transformers. The ratio of quality to crap remains consistent. Producers are no more greedy and cynical than they were when films started, and capitalism is the same danger it an art form like film that tragically needs business to survive. Irishman because Endgame ruined Thanos's character so badly. So are any of you going to give me my time back after seeing cunts finding a reason to bitch and complain about nothing? No? Thank you. You could do that, but than you wouldn't have been able to fit as much story and character development and it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable to so many people. Appeasing low attention spans should not be the highest priority of art. A film would not have done this story justice. HOHH does several things outstandingly well. My Italian parents bickered, yelled, screamed and made up without a word needed, every day for the thirty+ years they were together. Not once did my father ever lay a hand on my mother, not once did she walk away with a black eye. Your ignorance is disgusting. Those people completely missed the point. They assumed Kubrick wanted to an a good man turned bad arc. He didn't. He had no interest that. America is one country. In my country it's a C-, in England it's nowhere close to a fail. What's your point? It'd pretty hard to buy that this guy can lure people to eternal damnation if he's doesn't come off as a likeable guy no? View all replies >