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I don't buy you as the true author of a movie if you only directed it. Thanos reminded me of MCU Kingpin a little bit. Gotta be honest, this one isn't clicking for me. Why do so many writers write women as complete cunts? They're 90 pound women. Just punch them and leave. Am I suppose to like this guy? Can we finally strop pretending Spike Lee is a great film-maker now? Why was Season 4 so lousy? Why is Harley so OP in this? Honestly, this movie was too short. View all posts >


That's because American Jews and American Italians worked together a lot. When it came to the criminals I mean. She's great in everything she's in. This show included. I still prefer her in season 1. Season 1 had better pacing. Every scene involved someone with a clear, visibly defined goal and furthered the theme, story and understanding of the characters. Bly Manor barrages you with scenes where literally nothing of importance happens. It's not a show about Italian-Americans if it doesn't make you hungry. No. False emotion? What is that? Thanos was pulling his punches so he can keep them alive for interrogation. I thought that was pretty obvious. Topping the Nolan trilogy isn't a huge task. The Dark Knight is good, but BB and TDKR have aged very poorly. Pattinson is a way more realistic size and shape for someone whose suppose to be a legend-tier fighter like Batman, than how he's been typically portrayed. And I don't understand how it's any more ridiculous for Batman out out muscle a group of men than it is for a 120 lbs Black Widow. No one says her fighting should be kept to a minimum because she isn't blatantly intimidating. And that strange logic shouldn't apply to Batman either. Skill is enough. You don't need to be the biggest guy in the room to kick ass. You can't sue people for ideas. It is legally impossible to copyright an idea. View all replies >