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True. They left have stole and bastardized the name 'liberal'. Add sexist, racist and Nazi to that list. None of them mean anything anymore. Dang man. Why insult witches? Wow I've heard of CNN viewers but I thought it was just an urban myth. You really do exist! Haha yeah I saw this in the theater too when I was 7 or 8. It left quite an impression on me and I still check out scenes from it on occasion. We've found out the past few months that there are a lot fewer democrat voters than we've been led to believe. These elections have been rigged for some time now (this includes the deep state republicans as well). Amen! I think being a miserable person does shorten life and can cause health problems. It's not hard to believe that his new positive outlook could extend his life. Perhaps even God could give him some extra years so he can finally 'live'. Also there were cross ornaments hanging from the trees. That's cool. I liked some of the dark visuals, particularly the landscapes. Just thought it was long and depressing. Seems like all the others (except the short B-17 segment) where at least humorous to an extent. View all replies >