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Yes it takes faith to trust our lives and souls into the divinity of Jesus, and many throughout history do not have that faith. But even they know he existed. He is a historical figure, not an urban legend. It would be like saying George Washington probably never existed. I'd like to see them make period movies, back in the 60s (ish) but have new stories rather than a reboot. Have 007 back in the classic style as well. "Also I couldn't help but wonder, did people treat her differently in the fat suit because they didn't recognize her" That's it exactly. She was treated like a normal person instead of a celeb. My step son's friend (who happened to be fat) sat in my favorite chair and broke it. It wasn't the best built chair but it did happen. I also have a friend (who is fat) who sat on a heavy duty swing in my back yard and bent the overhead support. Things have weight limits and well....some people break those limits and those things. "Kinda stupid"? No use reading anything you said after that since you attacked me personally for no reason. You are a typical liberal and you just proved the point I made. Does anyone even care about Cat Woman? People became upset when Hollywood decided to rewrite Star Wars and other beloved films to suit their needs in the past few years, often times ruining characters. Then the SJWs use the term 'man babies' to describe people who choose not to patronize their cruddy movies. They ruin beloved characters so they can be part of their propaganda machine, and good writing is thrown out the window for some reason. Of Course people are going to root for these films to fail. The Santa Clause was awesome. I loved the second one too. I find Tim's sarcastic whit hilarious. Haven't liked a Will Ferrel movie yet but to each our own. True. Early 70s cars still had 60s idealism and class in their designs. They were a jewel in the rough of the 80s refrigerator boxes (though the blame should go all around the world, not just America). Tom Hanks playing Fred is sinister enough, No, I know exactly what the OP is saying.**SPOILERS** This is not a "great movie". We see over an hour of pointless banter with secretaries, telephone operators, etc and at the end do we get the wasp in the poster? Ha! We get a dark, blurry, shaky close up of an awful mask that looks more like Wolfman than a wasp. Then the movie just ends suddenly like they ran out of film (probably what happened). That's what the OP is talking about. This is typical of monster movies I've seen from that era. I would have been happy if they'd have at least made her into a 3 foot model wasp. She wouldn't have even had to attack people. Just being a wasp in a cage would have been horrific enough. I understand shoestring budgets but a lot of productions back then didn't even try. View all replies >