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The scene was great. It's like "It's a Wonderful Life". There is no need to analyze things to death in a movie. Just enjoy it for what it is. If it seems like a miracle then buy it at face value. If you want to watch the news through a movie, then why not just watch the news? I like it much more as an adult. One of the things I appreciate most is the consistency in the details. "2.94 million divided into eight shares..." "I totally agree, but don't you want to see the end of it?" I've already seen the end of it. There was a big party in a forest with a bunch of care bears and some corny music. Then three ghosts appeared. Not the BEST ending but at least it was somewhat sensible and happy. I agree. And I don't buy this 'we didn't have the budget to have a battle scene' talk. All they had to do was have a bunch of silly close ups and camera blurs like they did with the bunny scene. They could still continue the comedy and have a more proper punch line to end with. It's not really something that can be argued. Opinions and thought do not matter. Decades start on the '1's. Animals eat animals for food. Is that crazy too? I would still blacklist it. Killing animals for food is one thing but they should never be harmed for our amusement. Well yes. If Charlie hadn't given into his Gramps and didn't try the fizzy drink, then he would have just been a perfect wooden little boy like the Charlie in the 2005 film. No kid is perfect, and he was given the chance to redeem himself (and break the hold of his selfish grandpa) at the end which gave the 1971 film a whole wonderful new dimension. Besides, Charlie was the only kid on the tour who was dirt poor and wasn't a spoiled brat. I'm sure Wonka expected him to break a rule so he could complete his test (we know he wanted Charlie all along). Lots of people complained about it in 1983. I certainly did anyway. View all replies >