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I looked up "projection" and saw your picture! L. O. L. That means you are an SJW and you don't like being criticized. That's because, somehow (I really have no idea how), the New Puritanism SJW's represent has become the mainstream, the dominant ideology. Any time you're king of the hill, the minority position (in this case, the position that people should decide for themselves what is and isn't funny) comes after you (that's why center-of-left comedians are currently the only funny comedians working). And then you attempt to defend your awful ways by saying, "We're just being polite (and insisting you follow OUR code of politeness)." Let me make this nice and sparkling clear: Telling other people how to live their lives is NEVER polite. THAT is fascism. End of lesson. I see. I didn't see that movie. I'm surprised a Marvel movie would use that kind of language. You're not allowed to make a movie in Hollywood if you don't mention racism. Gotta keep that guilt machine running full throttle. A movie producer. It was a while ago, so the rules may have changed. This is pretty much true. I think the left is VERY anti-Israel (and, by extension, anti-Semitic; even Bernie hates himself...) Well, that's not going to recommend the movie to anyone... "Don't be stupid," written by the person who then proceeds to exhibit Class A stupidity. Thanks for the master class! smh... View all replies >