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Anyone Know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa? Hilarious how QueenFanUSA & Bubbathegut suddenly disappeared Avengers Infinity War TRAILER was better than the ENTIRE JL movie BEST SOUNDTRACK SCORE OF THE YEAR Chronic drunk Wow this board is just as active as it was on IMDB! AWESOME trailer!!!! Creepy Looking Weirdo Joe / Ike Clanton View all posts >


My thoughts exactly, every SW movie she's been involved with is utter crap (yes, even the ridiculously overrated Rogue One). This is my all time favorite slasher. It is unquestionaly the creepiest and most atmospheric of them all: -When Ned catches a glimpse of the killer standing on the cabin porch -When Brenda catches a glimpse of the killer watching them from across the lake -The dark feet entering the girls bathroom during the rainstorm -The hand pulling the shower curtain back -The shadow of the axe on the wall -The bloody axe in the bed -The turning doorknob above Alice's head when she was hiding in the pantry -The shots of the lake right before it began to storm -The swinging lamp in the darkened shower stall (as well as the shower curtain moving) after Brenda left the bathroom The original is my favorite slasher film That voice was creepy as hell. Still gives me the chills Kathleen Kennedy is responsible for hiring this hack. She and her BS PC agenda definitely must go. LMFAO yes Yea, nothing can top the lameness that is TLJ. Yup, did absolutely nothing for me. Yawn. View all replies >