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Premise = Rocky V? Repressed Australian accent? Trying to find an imdb poster (semi famous) Will a staff member expose Drew soon? Always mixed him up with Ken Wahl Movie poster By his looks you'd think he's a MAGAit Resembled R. Lee Ermey Such a funny little gal A question for the Brits View all posts >


Tusk would have been an awesome song to remix but IIRC FM were/are very restrictive with their songs being re-recorded or adapted by other musicians/bands Her maiden name is Templeton, a very common Jewish surname, but the question is whether she was raised Jewish. Jewish law would declare her Jewish either way, but there are millions of secular Jews who don't practice Judaism. How you choose to exit the physical world as a Jedi can determine how you devolve, or in Ben's case vanish. I've seen some of his interviews and a few BTS clips where he yells at film staff and cast members. He's definitely an egotistical c*nt. Wrong. She's really Danica Patrick I think the change in vision you're noticing is what happened after Quentin's film editor, Sally Menke, died tragically after Inglorious Basterds. Sally knew how to reel-in QT's indulgent tendencies and edited his movies in a style that displayed character arcs with more resilience and not just cause-and-effect platitudes. I also remember the added scenes from Brett's death, the cre replaying the computer translation of the Space Jockey distress signal, Lambert batch slapping Ripley for keeping the bay door locked, Ash scanning Kane's body in the medical bay, and they cut out a brief shot of Jonesy preening himself. How long ago did you see this? The Old Guard with Charlize Theron has similar scenarios but I never completed watching the whole series. It is a Netflix original series I believe. No, but I'm trying to find a commercial from several years ago with a blonde girl at a high-school who eats candy and the flavor gives her Jedi-like powers of expulsion as she blasts locker doors open. Was that a Starburst ad or was it Skittles? That's not her audience but yo your point, a lot of partisan Americans will still vote for tRump even if he's indicted. These are the same people who still hate Clinton because of a blowjob, and Hate Obama even more because he "lied" about how can keep their doctor LOL View all replies >