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Robert Brian Wilson (part 1) and Eric Freeman (Garbage Day! part 2) talk in 2019 about the movies I heard there is a 10 hour long uncut version.. Parts of The Drowning Pool were shot in Lafayette, LA. It was a very well made movie, BUT....... One you realize it's sort of pointless with no real direction... Campy, kind of fun.... but wait for streaming/DVD This movie is weird with some weird comedy under-tones. It will win every Academy Award Just watched it... We just left seeing "Sorry to Bother You" View all posts >


I think it's great also, but I can't think of any other movies like it. Yes, the writer of this movie has verified it many times. LULZ Did you happen to see it? In a weird way... I'm wanting to See It Again. Both are important and so relevant --- but, personally, I think Men Women and Children was better. This isn't good. It's not horrible... but just wait for Netflix. I liked her as well... Cute as heck too. Ouch!! Good Point We watched it tonight... Liked it... Not a bad little movie at all. I just got this shirt! And I'm pimping it hard here in Houston TX!!! H34Life!!!!! View all replies >