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It will win every Academy Award Just watched it... We just left seeing "Sorry to Bother You" It's Just a Bad Movie. It's not a very good movie...Don't Bother to pay too see this in the theaters. I just walked out from Breaking In... It's Pretty Decent! (I Must Say) I watched the premier of this movie... An important event told thru a very Bad Movie Saw it Today: It's a worthy sequel! Loved the Idiocracy nod... View all posts >


Ouch!! Good Point We watched it tonight... Liked it... Not a bad little movie at all. I just got this shirt! And I'm pimping it hard here in Houston TX!!! H34Life!!!!! Nice! Slater for life baby!!!!!!!!! He was cool in Oculus too. Exactly.... it was OK and Depressing. Nice!! You weren't supposed to be! :) :) When will we get POT FEST from them? Did you ever see Idiocracy? OWWWWWWW MY BALLSSSSSS! It's actually quite charming and endearing. If you haven't watched many movies, you won't understand how much work went into this. Adam Sandler is so underrated in so many ways. --- Funny People is amazing, Click is enlightening. The Week Of is a good movie, Just sit back and enjoy the story. I am Brent. I just saw it... I am not sure what to think of it ... yet. But I can tell you that Most people just won't like it... View all replies >