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We are watching it right now at Shudder Horror Fans with Joe Bob Briggs! We are watching this right now and having a Live-Chat over it. Doing a Live Chat right now on Shudder TV! "Camera" guy/gal...... I heard they were finally making a sequel. Where was this film shot? Please Mars!! Finally got to see it today...I really, really Liked It. Robert Brian Wilson (part 1) and Eric Freeman (Garbage Day! part 2) talk in 2019 about the movies I heard there is a 10 hour long uncut version.. View all posts >


For sure... 10 years of using the card catalog and researching for you...I found it... It is: Doin' My Thing by King JuJu It's also used in She's Out of My League Should have used LSU or UL-Lafayette if u axe me. Oh! Bad-ass theory! I think it's great also, but I can't think of any other movies like it. Yes, the writer of this movie has verified it many times. LULZ Did you happen to see it? In a weird way... I'm wanting to See It Again. Both are important and so relevant --- but, personally, I think Men Women and Children was better. This isn't good. It's not horrible... but just wait for Netflix. View all replies >