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Overall the movie was decent, not amazing, for me too. Because I got to see her bare tits and ass. So it doesn't sound like a good sound system really improves the experience that much Most serial killers have that part of their brain that registers risk-taking quite dulled. Might as well admire Dahmer, Bundy, Gacy, etc. They all took crazy stupid risks and could be described as fearless. Tip of the hat to Zodiac for evading capture, but I don't he was a genius or even particularly intelligent He makes for a great "folk villain", though. So I understand why he has a cult following. I just think that if we ever got to know his true identity we'd find that he was a pretty lame, sad person Sorry sweaty, but we prefer CINEMA Sir, this is an Arby's drive-thru Incels in incel online communities adopted the moniker first. If they choose to self-label this way then there is no reason to pretend like they don't exist. I've visited incel forums. There are incels in those places who are asian, black, etc. Pretty sure gay people can be incels, it's maybe just harder because gay culture often involves promiscuous sex with strangers. Kinda easy to get laid under those circumstances The fact that the media has sensationalized a few violent incidents to make these people seem like terrorists is nothing new. It was the media that turned the country pro-war after 9/11. That is what they do. Stir the pot to gain ratings and therefore profits and then turn around and pretend that they are doing it for the sake of keeping the public informed But yeah, incels are a real thing that sounds like a great idea. I will join you in this drinking game and pizza party. I didn't get a chance to watch it last night, but I'm sure it's as bad as I hope it will be. I'll make it my priority tonight I agree with your overall assessment, but I wouldn't legitimately consider Us or The Lighthouse in the "real" Oscar race. Meaning, every year we have like 10 nominees but only 2-4 real contenders. Movies like Black Panther, Get Out, Arrival, Hell or High Water, The Martian, Mad Max Fury Road, etc. don't REALLY have a chance of winning. Not to say that those movies aren't great, but they're just not Best Picture "material" if we go by historical precedent The Best Picture and Best Director have been split so many times over the last few years, that I'd easily predict Scorsese to win another Best Director Oscar and then giving some other bum the Best Picture Oscar Yes, Geofrey Rush was definitely incredible in the movie. Definitely the most enjoyable scenes in the movie all included him. I won't begrudge someone for thinking any good movie is a masterpiece. All movies affect us all in different ways. I have probably a pretty weird top 10 myself, so I get it. And I thought Green Book was ok. A solid movie, but Best Picture materal? Not for my tastes "B-b-because I have a VOICE!" Phony Oscar bait crap. Is it really that inspirational that a guy who was born literally into royalty, with all of the necessary resources at his disposal, was able to overcome a non-lethal disorder? I mean it was a nice cozy crowdpleaser. But the academy tends to elevate these feel-good journeyman to a level where they don't belong. Just like Green Book, Shakespeare in Love, Driving Miss Daisy. They are rewarding "cuteness" Colin Firth deserved the Oscar, his acting was superb. Geoffrey Rush was also excellent. But the movie itself is pretty forgettable Pesci or Pacino deserve noms. Maybe even wins It will definitely get a nomination for Best Picture. De Niro might get a nom for Best Actor. Probably also for director. Maybe for Adapted Screenplay. It might even get a nom for special effects I'm really bad at predicting Best Picture winners. Mainly because I have not liked most of the winners for many of the last several years. Moonlight, Hurt Locker, The Artist, The King's Speech, etc. were all so dull and unimportant Scorsese deserves another Oscar for best director, IMO. Maybe not because Irishman was such a great film, but if we accept the fact that the Academy bases their votes on who needs their "due", Scorsese deserves to end his career with two Oscars. Ideally, he should have at least 3: for Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas. View all replies >