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by three you mean the reboot included? I might watch the reboot which I think is so freaking odd cause I've been obsessing about Mk for the last year or so but I wont give it any credit cause it I feel is based on the reboot game which is total trash. But with the originals and it's sequels I think they put that nail themselves. Though the games were freaking awesome, something about all these types of games is that inconsistent storylines and terrible character developments. The same thing was with the movies. I mean I did like MK1 and even so 2 not as much though but to give Subzero and Scorpion insignificant storylines and reduce them to goons was such a slap in the face. Reptile was strangely bizarre. The Kitana Liu Kang Romance was from left field. Raiden having such a powerful arc had nothing in the games. Though I didnt like Kano I thought his character deserved more respect and so did Goro who had such an overwhelming presence in the film but again blah story. It had so much potential but ultimately it felt very short and that is what was so disappointing. Somehow Liu Had a brother who's story had more respect than many of the game characters from the game. Total Nonsense. He's a nobody and old grease balls. Must be more intense. what about the otherside, you are doing crime to attain them, you are causing the suffering of others and you are causing suffering to yourself. I think I was into indie films, and all of them, the title was catchy with a cool cover, plus roarke. I was into Rourke films at the time. I think so. It had to do with the risks of the theme and also back in the day when people made films cause they actually cared about the source and not for the money. yea that. they probably dont even read what they write let alone know what they are writing. Good Marathon on today! I never thought he was enough to save anything. there is a lot of things wrong with this film including the character but I did enjoy Javier casted in this and how he acted but it was over the top. you actually believe comic book writers are scientists. Absolutely. It's a Masterpiece. I think a documentary would be better suited. No doubt about it. I've always wanted to watch another one like it but always end up going back to this one as there is no other one like it. yea its terrible. I never wanted to see it. It was so well done. In the behind the scenes you can see a lot more and also there is a directors cut that has never been released but I've seen some scenes and it's a lot worst. I've always wanted to see it but they never have released it. I'm always hoping they release a bluray of it. it was just a pompous line to fuel his rhetoric. it's pretty much just like that for the poor. For the select elite they have a good time. I think the opposite. What I really appreciate from the twilight zone is how original and genuine it is. How unique no matter the episode. A lot of them you cant find any other similar stories and that has a ton of credit.