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but she had no problem doing a married man behind his wife back. cuz she's hot and he's a nerd. That simple! Penguin suggested it but they left it off the film for pg. Who wouldnt? Do you really think if any of the deadbrains were screwing the owners daughter and had all the power to be No.1 and bury everyone else they wouldnt? The dog incidents werent really about Animal abuse, probably the government trying to get his doug. He was negligent but not abusive. If you think about it, it was good he had so many pets because they were alive and generally kept at good conditions. In other circumstances they'd be in a shelter dead or killed outside. So he generally did a good service for them. Thanks for the report. junkies? I think there's a video on the post. Lack of imagination. You actually think they're still standing? They're subscribers are down. We? You mean you. So many. Outdated? To me nothing is outdated. Is! it didnt cause they were stupid. Despite it being panned it did great and it still has a cult following. hahahaha. Grease isnt a musical. It's Gospel. I know right. Imagine all the xplotations films, macho films, or anything sexual to begin with. I dont see them attacking instagram, facebook, porn, strip clubs, etc... yea good point and he also did like her. Cause he went out with her before that and it was obvious he fancied her. The makeover was just in jist to win him over quicker. lol. couldnt have said it better. This is so much better than LOTR, Harry Potter, Batman, And Marvel but it never got any recognition. They must hate the creators or some shit. I've always seen this film as an innovator for special effects and this film did not disappoint in that regard despite it not being a film about cgi or it's premise. The apes sure couldve been done with makeups and puppeteers as in the past but it went cgi and it was still very believable, realistic, and innovative and most importantly it didnt take away from the story. But all of this was lost in the award seasons. They just give away awards to piece of shit films. I think when it comes to such risky films with an actual cast and well season actors they always get by passed by teen over cgi films or stupid boring dull low budget dramas. Not that I'm touting and nor that I like a lot LOTR but Serkis was amazing in LOTR and then deserved much recognition in a big box office film but he never got it then as a ground breaker or now as Season Star. They just dont respect this man's amazing talent. It's disgraceful. she bearded.