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Queenie (spoiler alert) Is Rene Russo actually speaking German in the interrogation scene? While watching the show tonight, post on social media #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer Revival on History Channel? Never watched the show when it was on... Insight requested? Nice ending of the season So Arthur is no longer the chief? I just hope... View all posts >


Not necessarily. She makes a comment in the movie about him supposedly being dead. There's talk of this being a trilogy, so I could see him making a cameo in the third one. When her skeevy ex was being interviewed by the police at the end, they asked him about large sums deposited into his business account. She was trying to get his account information during that call so she could frame him. It's based on a true story: Yes! There was an actress named Elsa Buchanan who was in "Charlie Chan in London". Keep up the good work! No, he didn't because I chuckled. FYI, Strntz is just being funny. This is a Halloween tradition for me along with "The Seventh Victim," "Dracula" (Bela Lugosi), and "Dracula's Daughter." "Christmas in Connecticut" is my favorite Christmas film that I refuse to miss. I understood the French and figured out the Edward G. Robinson reference, but didn't get the rest. Thank you very much! Or I should say, "Danke!" I wondered that - I just assumed that she didn't care as long as the Americans had him. View all replies >