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Finally got around to watching this today Well, that was a new low Not bad Not bad Finally got around to watching this today The acting in this is fabulous Contradictions in the ongoing storyline Final Escape Just watched this today I am confused about one episode.... View all posts >


I have watched a lot of the first season since making this post and never noticed Sheldon smitten with Penny at all. Clearly this dude is totally uneducated and not looking to change are wasting your time. He is much more interested in ignoring facts and making up numbers than learning anything.... It is funny you should mention the three knock thing because that was the next thing I noticed since making this post. I don't think he was capable of holding a job, at least steadily. He was clearly mentally ill and it seemed to get worse as time went on, boarding up the windows etc..... I cannot believe this woman stayed around while her husband tried to sue her father for her not being as sexuality active as he wanted. I do not even have words for that. Because that is typical for a black male to be sentenced much harsher for minor crimes. That was an important part of the plot, Derek learning that. Meh, after the way they behaved on the 6th, they don't have much of a leg to stand on there. They went from 'bLue liVes matTeR" to no lives matter pretty quickly..... It was an fictionalized account. But imagine how different things would be now, if it was true...... Actually in 2020 it was 17%, and that was only marriages. Not including other couples. But even going with the 17% of the population, that is a lot of couples. I think you hit the nail on the head here.... What makes you think its forced? There are a ton of interracial couples out there..... This come off as some super small peen energy... View all replies >