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Youtube pays people peanuts! Mad there was no 9/11 inside job references Being forgetful is a good trait for movie fans I hate when single friends get partners Career ending for both Movies with weird titles in foreign languages I just saw it. My thoughts. The lighthouse you see? I was there for shooting Entire scene LIFTED from Tron Legacy Were you home schooled? View all posts >


He wasn’t goofy but he was a charmer at press conferences and made Peoples most sexy list. So a player realises hes gay and follows him to a back-alley bar and it's implied that its a gay bar. He would have had to have worked out a deal with the music company, otherwise they could say 'remove our video' or 'we claim all monetary rights'. maybe zero, the song is not his property. I actually liked her follow up single Saint Teresa. One of Us is such a melancholy song, and i noticed in 1996 there was a lot of that. The question 'would you want to see if seeing meant that you had to believe in Jesus and the Saints and all the prophets', I've realised that most would say 'I don't want to see' as they don't want to change their lives or what they like doing. Inception. I can still remember the sound the audience made in that Pacific Theatre in The Grove Los Angeles. They were truly wowed and left discussing what they'd just seen. Good choice. I'll say Anthony Hopkins playing Death in Meet Joe Black. You do know that the Italians are a mix of middle eastern blood from having been conquered? My paki friend said he looks European but could pass as a Paki with a beard. A critical and commercial flop. If you can't win on both fronts, why would anyone ever invest millions in you? View all replies >