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Hard to watch. I couldn't connect with characters Have you ever written a fan letter to someone? Hilarious that the president is called 'Trumbell' when character written in 2013 I had to get up and move today at the movies The Press used to keep politicians affairs secret. Now they don't. Good or bad? When did you realise she was evil? Wonderful up until the last 60 seconds! Your thoughts on Louis Vuitton? Never liked the 3rd act. EVER! You don’t see as many movies set in San Fran like you used to View all posts >


I get your joke. I interpreted 'angel' as codename for president. They all get code names. Clinton was Eagle. I didn't remember much of his wife in previous movies. I thought she looked like his daughter in one scene (he looks old for his age, she looks young for her age, so the 7 year age gap seems like 20.) Critics are paid to see movies regardless of whether or not the genre interests them. Whereas the audience votes with their wallets, they see movies that actually interest them. This movie delivers for its genre so I understand the disparity between critics and actual paying viewers. Yup, I don't have that ability to tune out background noise anymore. Probably a result of studying audio production. You listen to every single sound. I'd be kinda offended if someone got up and moved who was sitting next to me. Wouldn't you? Exactly. I was telling myself that you gotta put up with others in a public space, it's not my own private cinema, but nope, I had to move. lol Well they now argue that being unfaithful and deceptive to your wife is a character trait and relevant to your ability to be faithful and non-deceptive to your constituents. she was actually scary. oh that's a good example. Forgot about that movie. I saw maybe 25 minutes of his show and although he's not a great singer, he's a great storyteller and the stage production was very good. View all replies >