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Intothenight (1971)


Your favorite Australian Movie? Six Actors Have died A black, female James Bond would be amazing! Get DVD button doesn't work John Candy saying he had some hits in the early 70s?!?! I see music as proof of a creator I'd say this was the WORST part for me Holy Moley I had a coke at 5pm and I'm still awake at 1:37am I really enjoyed it and could relate One student in New Spider-Man was 31 View all posts >


I havent heard of half of them. He's a charismatic actor, meaning he holds your attention. Whether that makes him a good actor or not I'm not sure, but he was impressive as Big Boy in Dick Tracey. Carlitos Way is good but he doesn't pull off playing a Latino Puerto Rican. He is an Italian New Yorker through and through. He can't shake that. Never. Yes, dialup. It could take over a minute to load a page! 1999 was 20 years ago. I can still remember what the internet was for me back then. 1) checking news sites 2) forums such as the Sony BBS 3) emailing my two penpals 4) following Michael Jackson fan sites to hear about his album he was making I had no phone yet. Still using the landline. And saying that makes me feel old. 30 years?! Well technically 29, but it does make me sad to think of so much time passing. I'm so old I remember you could buy cigarettes at age 16. I'm so old I remember there being smoking and non smoking sections inside of a restaurant. I'm so old I remember when the most controversial thing about Michael Jackson was his plastic surgery. I'm so old I remember recording songs off of the radio instead of buying them as 'cd singles'. Yes, the robotics are woeful. They were back then too. No no, you make that sexual, it's not sexual. Oh yeah whoops lol. So why is everyone born, preloaded with an understanding of musical genres? These aren't learned. A preloaded understanding of notes that harmonize and others that sound off? View all replies >