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I just had an amazing idea for an invention The scene where he pretends to be an extortionist inspector Targetted on twitter for MCing Trumps Mount Rushmore celebration What GPS system do you use while driving? Happy 4th of July! Black/Brown LGBT call out 'prioritized' white gays at illegal pride protest in Chicago CNN describes Trumps Mt Rushmore speech as 'in front of two slave owners on wrestled away native land' Anyone raised to be counter cultural? Redskins get muted Would you consider this a speech impediment? View all posts >


Interesting, yes, a little with their lower voice. Gossip here and there is okay, but the relentless complainer I can't stand. It really brings down office morale. I could think it weird that these Albanians speak good English, but that's actually common in Europe. It is the world language and people study it at school and maintain it watching English language movies and tv. Joe should be in a retirement village, not auditioning for an 8 year job. In 2010, Florida had an urbanisation percentage of 91%. Maybe it's up to 93% now. Australia has 90%. Australians live in 0.22% of their land. Despite Australia being a huge country, most people live in cities/developed towns, not on farms or in the outback. Australia - 8,362 / 104. Australia has a population of 25 million. A comparable US state would be Florida. (21 million) Florida - 190,000 /3,702. You can see that Americas response just hadn't been effective. I can't figure out why. Even though I don't believe Trump is intelligent or competent to be president, I worry about what a swing to the left would mean. It could just be that the ravenous left calm down, or that they continue to try and destroy anyone who doesn't share their worldviews. She's now deemed a "racist" who trespassed on native land despite being told not to come. Oppo Reno 2 Z. Not a cheap phone but I was told that it's features rival the flagship phones of Apple and Samsung in terms of specs, but basically half the price. So far I'm happy with it. Fast internet. Camera is decent. Lots of storage. Yes, it's terrible. Some even openly said they HATE her and she should have retired gracefully, never seen again, die with the world thinking she was a "good person." View all replies >