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Caravan of people from Honduras on way to US The whole child wonder woman was silly Trump has a higher job approval than Bush II What years sound sonically pleasing to your ears? Villains son was Asian? Why? Basically had nothing to do with 1984 Ever liked a song, bought the album and the song is an older mix? Do you watch dubbed or in French? I don't get the hype for Cobra Kai! People put on the 'no fly list' after DC insurrection View all posts >


Yup. I'm watching Captain Marvel (set in 1995) and they at least include some 90s music to pay homage to the era. The 80s did see the world on the cusp of nuclear war. Seems like the perfect storyline for a movie set in 1984, not a wishing machine. Why are there blacks in most advertisements? I think they're used as signalling, like "look how diverse or accepting we are." I picked up the Superman vibe. I wish Ronald Reagan or the Soviets or something "80s" 'world in peril' was used. I watched it dubbed into Spanish and with English subtitles ( I enjoy improving my Spanish.). They were quite different at times. Sometimes I feel they're lazy and just will put something basic instead of specific, like "that will do." Storytelling light is good, dark is bad. No his mother is Chinese Asian And why would him being Chilean make sense? Many from Chile are of Spanish origin, not Chinese. I liked the mall scene. Unrealistic that mall guards would risk their lives chasing armed jewlry robbers. He did do that on a few of them. He looks both young and old. I guess that makes him sorta middle aged. View all replies >