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Big tech learning who you are. Good or bad? Trump wanted to quash late night comedians via justice department Disney will use this for "LGBTQI" representation Why is divorce a 50/50 split? You're not really prolife unless you support legal reform Aged terribly. One long joke impersonating disabled people! What food can fix a bad mood for you? It's really a hit and miss movie Needed a better actress than Rebecca Hall (Evyllen) View all posts >


If that could be proven, of course. Yeah that's just another term for de facto. In Australia, even if unmarried (called defacto), you can claim your partner's money after 12 months of being a couple. It also is not very rewatchable as the twist ending, once remembered, detracts from the movie. It's a remake of the 1964 movie Bedroom Story, so definitely dated and insensitive comedy. Good luck with that mission. One coming out in 2022. I once went and got a icecream shake to try and lift my mood. It helped. Yup. Forced bathing occurs in prisons too. Can they say they were raped? View all replies >