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When I was a kid, I thought some Latinos were African American Do you believe Telly Salavas' ghost experience? John Connor! (Spoilers) Video - his ghost experience Actress who played mom was 36. Sons were 25 The part that made me think 'is this also imagined?' Did Big Tobacco pay for all the smoking? Do you find Charlie Chaplin funny? Should it be a crime to mock the courts or a judge in an article? How does this fair compared to the movie? View all posts >


He's quite old looking now. It's sad enough seeing Linda and arnie looking old. Yup, outside of Thor he isn't really anything special. He'll probably end up on TV back in Australia. I never liked CDs. They scratch. The boxes break. They get misplaced. To answer your question, iPod, phone and computer. Spotify premium. why not? The days of his face selling a movie are long gone. Thanks. I'll pass. Newman, Peterman, Soup Nazi, George's Parents, etc. A spin-off is the use of a character/s from an established television show. Larry David was not a character and in Curb your enthusiasm, he plays himself. Puddy was a serious boyfriend He only becomes Joker when he kills Murray, because he decided not to be a victim, but a victor. He even did a small dance after killing Murray. View all replies >