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Do you think the cruise ship crisis would make a good coronavirus movie? My coronavirus just won't go away Has James Cameron overestimated the support for 4 new Avatar movies? Should Youtube remove conspiracy theory videos? 9/11, Sandyhook, Vaxing, etc? "please cover your mouth" - "f--k off lady" I was enjoying it until I heard Jude Law's "Aussie" accent Is my plan for a 'post coronavirus' world doable? Are you worried that you'll get Covid-19? I have tested positive for Coronavirus View all posts >


Maybe it did work and this would have progressed to my lungs. I did have a little bit of a throat problem but it went away. The lungs is the one place you do not want this to go. Good idea, I have sea salt so can drink some for my electrolytes. You're only hospitalised if you require medical intervention. It's like the flu, do you normally check into hospital when you have it? It's not in my lungs so it's just a pain in ass. I'm bed ridden. Headache. Dizziness. Loss of sense of taste and smell. Mild fever. Mild diarrhoea. Aches. Mild loss of appetite. Thanks I was surprised how quickly the 9/11 movies got made. Or maybe it did where needed. I've had a few weird throat moments with this and it hasn't progressed. I wonder if I hadn't fasted whether it would have spread and I'd be on a respirator right now. I'll ask, thanks. I don't have any. Yeah, I guess if someone's immune system is at it's peak performance it can stop it doing damage. I was feeling tired from a bunch of 6am shifts, meaning I'd be waking up around 4:30am. When I'm tired I catch colds so my immune system was probably not working well. Are you better? Were you a confirmed case? I'm glad that I'm a confirmed case, it means when I'm better the fear of catching this will be gone. Very rare to catch this twice and possibly you can't. Youtube sleuths showed me that the Boston Bombing used crisis actors. I believe those videos are gone now. If the government did do that, or 'augment' it, that's in the public interest. Most companies go beyond just 'clicks' and 'ad revenue'. View all replies >