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Michael Jordan apparently killed short shorts for men in America WTF? Why is Harry And Meghan's website named 'sussexroyal' still up? Americas political structure versus a parliamentary system It really bugged me when they said their child would have “an alternative last name” Which movie of the 90s has aged the best? He was ungrateful to his parents Should be a Netflix movie Has anyone ever stayed with a cheater? Speaking like Trump is great for security work Aaron Hernandez Story View all posts >


That's a great point that an outsider can become president. In the parliamentary system, only those who hold a seat in parliament can become Prime Minister. This normally means having to work in government for years until it's your turn. They could have done at least a few years. Righty O. And the use of the word "royal"? Taking the mother’s name normally happens when the father walks out on the kid. I felt that George was out of line wanting the grandchild to be called Banks instead of McKenzie as well. Besides the dated mall scene, the arcade, the boxy computers on the desks and the older cars, yes, it does present well. That's good. We settle for the standards we set for ourselves in life. His father dying at 16, his mother hooking up with a new man soon after, graduating highschool a year early, I think those things screwed him up. It's only speculative that a male baby sitter did something to him. I think the whole "hiding your sexuality caused this" is PC spin. Some gay guys like it on the down low and like their macho personality as well. I think the argument that if their were gay acceptance in his home life he'd have been okay is absurd. He wasn't gay, he was a perv and was enjoying his friends bits and pieces. 30 somethings are good for playing different ages. Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump goes from teenager to around 40 and pulls off both. View all replies >