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Do you believe in aliens? Why the twist ruined the movie (spoilers) The poster makes her look hotter than she is Set in 1995. What 90s references should they have included? What if Safechuck is a victim and Wade just a con artist? It moves from comical to serious on the 2nd viewing Video - Leaving Neverland - The Billion Dollar lie! You have to admit, THESE TWO ARE LYING about this Can you guess what year they stopped using voice overs for trailers? Could a child molester really say this? View all posts >


Why don't you believe? I'll look it up. Thanks Yup, I recommend it. Maybe a PSI would be more appropriate. I don't know, the ending left a bad taste in my mouth. I would have been happier with the brother twist. More realistic and a bigger betrayal as a trusted brother. It would have put her firmly at the lake. Do you know how triangulation works? It's pretty exact. I actually preffered the brother twist than the detective twist. Most are murdered by people they know, especially family members. This was just so farfetched. And police would have gone through all of those messages not the father. But hey, it's a movie. Seamless cuts are hard to do. But perhaps. Why would a 1985 computer be put in a movie set in 1995? My highschool in Australia got internet in 95 in the library. I always assumed Americans were a few years ahead with internet. View all replies >