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Intothenight (1825)


Surprisingly good This was known as “fresh prince cop movie” back in the day Was the false lead really deserving of 50% of the movie? Two things I noticed Question regarding the ending Too "Kung Fu" for my tastes R. Kelly's accusers were hoes Are you interracial? What's your fetish? (Non-sexual that is) I hate when women list what they want in a man and start with TALL! View all posts >


I thought he was good. Some really dumb people probably fell for it. “What? Bodhi is a spiritual guy.” Lol I scrutinise shots. I hate on reality tv they’ll have a shot of a couple doing something and then some far off shot and I realise they got them to do it twice. The question is regarding her status prior to meeting him. Try to keep up. I think some figured out what sex was with that scene. So she doesn’t want to get too serious. Semi-single. She probably had her heart broken a lot. I was just watching a Chris Brown video yesterday and the women were just like this. I said to my friend that it teaches girls that they get their worth from flaunting their body. We have a culture were girls will throw themselves at celebrities and will feel empowered doing so, because that's what they've learned. I wish he slapped the shit out of her for spitting his water. I saw it today. It was a little too 'kung fu' for me. I like realistic fight scenes, not people who take 100 punches, or multiple stabbings or even getting shot and keep fighting. Too far fetched. One guy takes a solid knuckle punch to the crotch and gets up and keeps going. Really? View all replies >