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Stephen Dorff slams it... Woke Crap An Internet Cafe! Woke Cow Piss Poor Terrible, just terrible She's gorgeous The man is a cunt WHY? Just WHY! Utterly dull and boring View all posts >


Fuck off, she's skinny with no tits. He's another jumped up Z-lister has been telly woofter wanker who thinks he's really special, when infact he's not at all, not in the slightest. He's still going strong, and his latest series 'Murders in The Building' alongside Steve Martin and Selena Gomez isn't too bad with a 8.1 score on IMDb. A lovely woman and a great actress. God Bless her. RIP Sylvia. That's the woke part. Tom McLoughlin who played the part of the robot Captain S.T.A.R. is still alive and kicking at the tender age of 72. When they jump into a taxi when they're escaping from the bad people, she asks the taxi driver to take them to the nearest Internet Cafe! Internet Cafe's went out with the dinosaurs. For me his best performance is in 'The Man in The High Castle', and also his performance in 'Dark City is another good one too. I say edion13, your 9 year old explanation is very much spot on for what is going on today in 2023. She was absolutely spot on. View all replies >