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Makes no sense... Is this officially the 3rd Cloverfield flick? Kinda shocked to see so many complaints, especially surrounding gender or race :/ Not bad... not great... somewhere in the middle. Good idea but badly executed. Meme Potential Excellent 'Other-side View' of Paedophilia Does Okja speak? s3 Ep1 then... View all posts >


Haha yeah this was bad. I too much like you gave it a go due to being a huge fan of the original DooM (finished all three episodes on Nightmare as a kid!!). Everything you've said was spot on, I was already worried 20mins in when they spent a lot of time on the chick... I was thinking "Oh no... they're not gonna actually do a 'Doom guy' are they? It's gonna be her!" and then I would see the Captain with the sawn off, and the aussie guy who LOOKED like DooM guy (but his accent, script and acting did not work...) I realised it was all over before it began haha. Thing is... I actually think DooM could be done really really well as a film. It just needs to be handled properly, something along the lines of a Rodgriguez/Tarantino's 'From Dusk Till Dawn' style, 1hr15mins of sensible character plot/building stuff with just a 20-30mins of absolute wtf genre changing gorefest splatter fest from the only survivor DooM guy etc. It would at least set a precedence that these kinda computer game films could really be done well if properly handled. I hope Half Life is one day made into a proper film with big names attached to it. Sigh.. such a shame. Yeah will be interesting to see where they go from here. Even if they fail they done good by me. From Iron Man 1 to this, not bad at all, no easy feat imo. I mean it's like a tv show, sure there were 'filler' films but on the whole they orchestrated what would had to of been (logistically, financially and legally) a nightmare to do. Some folk can't stand 'the end' and want certain characters to live on indefinitely, but I think they doing it right by axing off people. Yup. Ok, Thanos wins, 50% dead, how do they fix this without TT? Curious to know... Amen. Hence why ending a linage and starting new ones with a continuation is probably a better (financial) course of action rather than constant reboots <cough *Sony* cough>. Well... so what... more reboots. CE wants to leave so now we have to find an alternative Steve Rogers?... ew... nah... I think they are doing the right thing, just not sure about Sam is all. I had strong suspicions they would use TT as a way to fix all this, and that's a problem in itself. My main concern is it would be rushed, and it was kinda. If they split this movie into two parts and handles the TT stuff better, it could have been good. But we had a few loopholes that are a bit hard to ignore because 3hr runtime is enough basically. lol Um maybe you're looking a bit too much into it? I don't mind a 'girl power' moment, it doesn't tick me off... why does it tick you off? Male superhero no one batters an eye, female superhero... "now wait just a minute here!" I think they are changing stuff because actors want OUT, they want their lives back and focus on other movies where they can flex their acting skills differently without being constrained to precontractual agreements. Sam is a weird choice for Cap A, not because he's black, but just because he's not supped up. Storywise I know very little about him, which is why I said they will need to work hard on giving us a good origins or better understanding of who Sam is. All good things come to an end. We just can't have RD and CE as these hereoes indefinitely, I think you struggle with that concept, and because we need to get others to fill in the shoes/suit/shield all of a sudden it's because of gender and identity politics? Really?! :/ View all replies >