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There is literally nothing about this video that shows him being rude, at all, in any way. "the pretty actress", some nice condescending there. We didn't hate Robert Patrick. Yeah and men seem to like sweeping generalisations. First Class Apocalypse Days of Future Past The Last Stand X2 Logan X-Men Dark Phoenix The Wolverine X-Men Origins Solid rom-com. Nothing that subverts the genre in any way but the interactions and chemistry felt genuine. I really enjoy all the Terminator films. Genisys was awesome, I loved it and I'm super excited for this one. Nope. You just made this up. They all did very well at the box office. Grossing several times their budget and made comparatively less on DVD and Blu-ray. It's probably just due to the fact that you're an idiot. Don't worry about it. Are you kidding me? Really? What planet are you on? 95% of what comes out of America is starring Americans. View all replies >