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Well for most of that time, she was a teen. Her resources were limited. He's the "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow" superman just as Routh was the "Kingdom Come" Superman. Because it's disassociating itself from the previous movies that it has nothing to do with. The Hamilton play isn't trying to fool the audience. They used a crowbar on the back door. It's in the trailer. That doesn't reconcile his being able to mislead the judge with his earlier blurting out random stuff about his coworkers when he wasn't even being asked a specific question. But there's an immortal monster loose on humanity because of this punishment. I can think of worse punishments than being a vampire though. She didn't count on the darkness hiding the pen tube. His death brought about the darkness, not just blood. You would think, but normal humans still managed to be a threat in the tv show which this movie always felt like a pilot for. Jafar was really powerful and dangerous even as a human though. Melanie was 11 when her mother left. Kathy is 11 and lost her father. It's giving the characters the ability to relate. It's more of a "you knew the risks" type of situation than so much about blame. They could have just opened the tank at the top since it was a trick lock but that would expose the secret, rendering it worthless. Easily Shere Khan. He was built up as a ruthless brute albeit with a refined manner whereas Scar was physically inferior as a lion. Baloo is a sloth bear. Tigers can kill sloth bears rather easily. It might be a different story if he was a grizzly or polar bear. Aaron believed in Michael Myers rather than the boogeyman. Probably just left it there to see if anyone came to find it in time. The Omen IV and V novelizations would answer all your questions. As to the hunting for Jesus, it's meant to mirror Herod coming for baby Jesus as before. It's a mcguffin to get to the climax. Richard couldn't just go peering through Damien's hair. I'm hoping the next film will let Laurie and Michael be separate for at least most of it. I liked H18 not having a specific target for Michael, but the film uses the Sartain character to throw them back together.