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You my friend are woefully ill-informed. Virginia is solidly blue. Obama carried the state both times by significant margins. It has elected Dem governors frequently and currently has a Democratic controlled legislature. That doesn't conform with being one of the most conservative states. Dumbass you attributed what I put in quotes to ME! That's not how quotes work. I played myself engaging with your stupid ass. Should've followed that saying about not arguing with fools. Seriously educate yourself and be better. Someone lacks reading comprehension and doesn't know what quotation marks are. Man you're stupid. Man you're daft! Where did I say a 15 yo is a baby? I was making a tongue in cheek comparison. And you took a saying, ".....squeeze to death" literally as far as me wanting to squeeze that actress. 😂 Now I understand how the QAnon cult got started! Someone heard someone say, "That baby is so cute, I could just eat them up!" and their dumbass took it literally. None of that equates to the best economy in history. Try again. I'll feed the poor MAGAt troll a little longer. You obviously don't understand how the burden of proof works. You made a claim. It's up to you to support and prove it, not me to falsify it. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 You mad, bro? Not the best economy in history. Just because he repeatedly say it does make it true.😂😂😂😂 Plus his incompetence mishandling the pandemic made the economic recession worst. But ignorance is bliss, I guess. So a functioning democratic election is now cheating. You sound stupid. View all replies >