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"3:10 to Yuma" is a GREAT song by Sandy Denny These, and those videos where you want a comment from someone. You find a video, and 99% of it is some dumb guy talking about it, with the 30 second clip somewhere in the middle. "the best I ever haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!" I'm guessing Japan is due to the movie about Iwo Jima Clint is big in Japan (and Asia in general).. South America (probably because of those Leone movies), and I know people from the Middle-East are aware of him. Can't imagine Africa not knowing him, but I think less would know the others mentioned at a lesser rate. Does it have any relation to "Frances Ha Ha"? I think you're right! I should know by now the game Stratego is most popular in The Netherlands! Take care. LOL, I did confuse you two. I'm sorry. I actually noticed looking at my notifications, thinking it was just you. I also could never remember which one is Dutch, since I mentioned going to The NL over a handful of times when we all first joined. Alles goed... I just need some dubbel frisss (framboos), cassiss, kaneelstokjes, en kroket... lekker! Dag. Slaapwell. lol They do, and its annoying, but this isn't one of them.... It's two actors out of thousands. No matter. The issues that bother me in Hollywood are those where it affects movies themselves. Demanding boycotts because an actor isn't gay, but plays one on the screen. That's what acting is, lol.. I doubt they say this when gay actors play a straight one, and I'm sure you know all the others. I feel artistic license has been thrown out the window. I think if you ask a random person, whether its in America or Earth, you'll get more affirmatives when you say the name Clint Eastwood than the others mentioned. I also think if he released a movie he was in tomorrow it would be a box office smash. His last one wasn't because he only directed. But I don't know anyone who hasn't seen "Grand Torino", including people like me who don't watch all new movies, but I saw it ONLY because Clint was in it. The other actors were awful, especially the siblings next door. Take your first comment. "It's a waste of time". Then why bump it up and make it an issue? Going on and on, so I finally replied.. Look at the OP. It's about two stars from Hollywood. It's a link, nothing else. I just find it odd you single out this one after talking about the many "shitheels and their political shit"... while describing me as a positive guy who you've never had problems with.. I'll also point out I contribute a handful of movie topics. What the fuck are YOU talking about? Read your fucking message. "I don't agree with Apartheid either and if you don't like it, don't go" -- if YOU don't, why comment on it? I didn't tell you what to do. Those two actors aren't forcing you to do anything, so this is moot. its just like South Africa in the 80s.. I only posted this because it was "Hollywood", and avoided any political commentary. I just left a link for people to read if they chose to. Carry on :) What a shitty list! I can see why they're being removed! yes, Jack Nicholson would be the other You read about them? But did you buy them? They hate the competition? pomegranates