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I don't get why he put out his cigarette. Is it illegal to smoke in your own car? "... Haley Joel Osment? Was about to reveal his wives fate. What did I miss?" Osment's character Mesmer can only read minds and memories. He couldn't tell Butcher anything he doesn't already know. Butcher just wanted Mesmer to read his mind so he would know Butcher was about to kill him. "I was so confused by that scene and how it was just glossed over. Up to that point Butcher could be seen as an ani-hero who skirted the lines of villainy but that act alone was just as evil as anything Homelander has ever done, making Butcher not the slightest bit better. And the audience is supposed to root for that POS?" It wasn't glossed over. Mesmer betrayed them all to Homelander putting all their lives and their families' lives in danger. Obviously Butcher was gonna kill Mesmer for that. What else would he do? Pretty sure Homelander is wearing a muscle suit and nobody seems to care about that. The problem with Dune was that it sucked. The picture looked awful, everything's so dark. The special effects were atrocious. The shields in particular looked so terrible. Even at the time it was criticized for its bad SFX, especially when movies like Star Wars RotJ which had come out a year before looked so much better. Many of the cast members were woefully miscast. Kyle MacLachlan was too old to play Paul. And Freddie Jones as Thufir Hawat? He looked more like some mad scientist with those ridiculous eyebrows and hair. The whole thing looked like some bad B-movie production. I heard Lynch has disavowed the movie and refuses to talk about it. I don't blame him. This movie actually made me avoid reading the book for many many years because of how bad it was and how terribly confusing it portrayed the story and plot and how weird everything looked. Spiderman does have enhanced durability though. I don't know if he's ever been shot with a .50 cal but he's taken beatings that would kill a normal person. It's not really surprising. When we're introduced to Starlight we see her training by punching a brick wall and lifting a car which means she has super strength which means her body is extra durable. "Possibly they were afraid that, if poison worked, they'd have an invisible body with impenetrable skin hiding a still-active tracking chip" They tried shooting him and using a drill on him when he was invisible so they obviously weren't concerned about him being invisible. "As for being certain his remains would be found, they didn't know how long it would take, just that it would happen eventually. So yeah, Homelander could, eventually, x-ray vision every inch of the city or state." C'mon how can one person search every inch of an entire city or state looking through land, water, and infrastructure? You know how long that would take? Not to mention that Homelander doesn't even know what happened to Translucent. Why would he assume he was blown up into bits and then those bits buried and then spend the next 5 years flying around x-raying anything and everything for human remains? It's beyond ludicrous. Plus this is Homelander we're talking about. He couldn't be bothered to do something like that.