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I've not seen circle - but watching the trailer just now it does seem to have a similar vibe - i will check it out. thank you Forgot about the cube movies, they are worth adding to my recommendation list. not seen that as yet - look good and similar vibes - will check it out. thank you I loved how this had loads of games and the acting was superb from all apart from the foreign VIPS, that did bring down the finale a notch. As this was newer with a bigger budget it was better but even so kids being so brutal was more effective in BR, especially it was a long time back and at that time it was so fresh. I've updated the list as i made it from my memory but wasn't fully right :-( I still consider Battle Royale as being the finest and a masterpiece in setting the standard in brutal survival type movies/series. I agree the first half is better but the end act is good, just the start the beach scenes are abit slower Thank you - Forgot its Japanese - I've edited it. I love aliens but there is no denying the power of the aliens fluctuated, which was movie magic. first act - a bunch of super space marines got outwitted by super intelligent aliens who ambushed them - fair enough Second act - again the super space marines got outwitted by super intelligent aliens who overwhelmed them - fair enough Last act - The super intelligent aliens that could ambush and were great at overwhelming- got there asses handed to them and pretty much went one on one with a single woman who wasn't a marine and had a machine gun and flamethrower - the aliens turned stupid for the end act. a) nothing in the movie stated when the toxin is produced - it was used in the caves to capture a female - the case could have been they may not been able to produce enough to kill all males & only used at a necessary time to capture a female? a) again not stated in the movie - they needed a female to produce a toxin to kill them, which there was less off & easier to kill the population C) again total opposite shown in the movie - there are hundred of ships, helicopters, drones - all manned/flown/captained by soldiers/sailors,pilots - and only 1 running lab - so probably very few engineers/scientists exactly the thing needed wasn't nukes/army or military but a toxin as an overall solution They needed loads of scientists & engineers in all fields, which there wasn't, as they had to rely on a field general as there main scientist. The scientists could have helped with building a time machine, but that very limited help to improve the military for a battle -there different areas. look at the Afghanistan withdrawal - do you reckon when the future people start to come back & they start to reduce people the aliens would have just stayed put & let them all come back? You know politicians & the different country militaries would have used any future visits to there advantage - if they didn't have to fight a future war. directors choice not to have alien video footage for the present in movie. Even so the north koreans nuclear force is still the most primitive of the nuke club (they've had russian/chinese & other help) & there's doubt they have miniaturised a nuke capable of fitting into a warhead, they just exploded a weapon / still not sure if it was proper nuclear bomb or just a whole load of tnt mixed with nuke material - aka dirty bomb. a) we don't know when the male toxin was produced but even if it had not have been made when they made contact with present earth - that was the main aim of the time travel. b) we don't know exactly when it was as they already had the male toxin had been tried and tested by the time they try for the female toxin. c) we don't know that they could been young scientists & engineers who were born around the time of the present or later - but in the future there were very little scientists - even the chris pratt rescue mission all the scientists were dead - there was a few i think in the ocean lab. but out of those 500,000 most were probably military grunt soldiers protecting the labs, not likely scientists or engineers who could help with technology, especially military technology. if present machine were sent to the future then in that was the case they could easily imported nukes and other weapons and parts to the future? which could have wiped out majority of the aliens -we don't see anything bigger then guns being transported into the future. Exactly my point - the Nazi's had advanced weapons because they had scientists and engineers, without those they would probably been as fierce as the paper north korean force is now - so very few scientists from the future would been useless and the aliens would have destroyed any little technology they would had to time to create. think chris pratt went to the future and came back and told the world they could destroy the enemy and he wasn't even believed, but then why would the world believe in a threat they had never seen if the future people came back and no-one went to future to see for themselves? a) they had already made a toxin to kill the male aliens they only needed to make a version to kill the females b) the toxin was already being made as per when chris pratt's and his team are dropped at the lab with scientists experiments with the toxin c) if you don't have the scientists or the engineers available, then you have to start from the scratch. The main aim was to have the toxin to win the future war but after they got obliterated by an enemy and they choose to send the toxin back to the present. Just because you have a blueprint doesn't mean you can create all the materials & factories & engineers from scratch - the russian & chinese are sturggling to make 5th generation engines even after pouring money & having already made 4th generation engines - its not easy without having the people showing you everything from the first to last stage. Hal Teja's are superior to russian planes - this statement is so laughable - One thing most of the tejas vital components are all foreign made apart from the shell of the aircraft and few other non-vital bits - it took the indian 30 years to come up with a kit pack plane that's slightly better then the one its replacing which was 50/60 years old - with help from the french, british, americans expertise plus they are still struggling to mass produce it yet - this example is so ridiculous. the f22/f35/drone/copters were from the future not the present as they were slightly improved versions otherwise you have ha doesn't matter the americans have had peace & still struggle because technology is not easy to produce. the nazi's poured money/manpower into the warmachine & had loads of scientists & engineers & without those from the future you have nothing. the few scientists that came back would be put into countires warmachine projects not to fight aliens - like the rush for ex-nazi scientests produced warmachines for individual countries military not for world unity against aliens. a) it was an unavoidable war until they had the toxin - The future people just needed time & that's why they needed the cannon fodder. b) the toxin was the main reason and they did it. c) we don't even know "if" the engineers/scientist who created the lab are still alive in the future? the future war got exactly what it wanted and it fulfilled the aim to get a toxin back & saved humanity war & saved the planet. Glad you agree the movie got the toxin and killed the aliens, so it all ended well. Think how many scientist and engineers it took to make the stealth fighter, it wasn't just one guy with his lab blueprints but many thousands doing individual things. Look at the Indian military they have blueprints to Russian planes and they can hardly make a component, they have raw materials, they have scientists, they have factories but its not just that easy - whereas the Chinese can reverse engineer a full fighter jet from looking at the parts - just because you can make one thing doesn't mean you can make something else. we saw there weaponry in the air with the f22/f35 and the drones that are used currently and the future weapons in the lab fight which were no more futuristic that probably a few years from what we have now, no laser cannon or even hypersonic weapons there. USA pretty much has a military budget equivalent to the next biggest 10 spenders, without a threat to its homeland and even in the peacetime it took them 30 years. Think about if 500,000 people landed, first thing would be who would wanted the refugees, then which scientist would end up in which country like the nazi's spread over the world to improve the weaponry of the superpowers and probably end up in a world war before the aliens even appeared. View all replies >