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I didn't think of that, That i could agree with, maybe that laughter is not the show emulation but by the controller of wanda's mind who is laughing at wanda living in a bittersweet nightmare they created for her. I've mainly remember 90's show onwards, but have watched some happy days, mork and mindy. I'm sure even though they were canned laughter but not at every word but more geared at actual jokes and they were more high and low not just straight out high belly laughs all the way through. that joke is so 50/60's I didn't like the canned laughter which my personal choice, but understand that was part of the way the 50/60's shows were but as the show moves to the 70/80's it will be match real life shows and will be become more natural laughter matching the actual jokes. Did i miss the point then? That may be the case but I'm not use to unnecessary laughter, when it wasn't required. Hopefully it gets better as the shows progresses. I've not seen 50/60's shows but in newer shows least the laughter matches with proper jokes majority of the time rather then for every word pretty being said. It must have been a tough decision to emulate lots of laughs considering there was only little amount of joke content in the episodes, so hopefully it gets better with more jokes or less unnecessary laughter. hopefully then they will follow the true life trend and it will get better for the next episodes to come and less forced laughter. didn't sound like it - it might have been filmed in front of audience but the laughter definitely was canned no doubt about that. you can easily tell as all the laughs were consistent rather then some really loud and other times it would have been murmurs. Least someone in the trailer department had a deceptive idea and decided to fool the audience by putting some sort of 84 vibe with the music but the film had nothing to do with the 80's at all, never mind 1984. They knew the film was terrible, so they just slapped on 1984 as its an iconic numbered year, it was just a gimmick to give this movie more hype. View all replies >