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Sequel preference: Buffalo '67 or Buffalo '88? I don't think it was the cigars that got him... Just watched it...OMFG... Why is Rick's ship necessary? Name of drink in early scene? Dressed for different seasons at the end... Sad this wasn't a summer movie... My only complaints... This looks like an abortion... View all posts >


Summary: Cancer happens typically more via meat-eating than smoking. Makes a surprisingly strong case. Thx for a reply that at least used a little brainpower, unlike the last guy! :) But I really don't think that would be the case...he freely uses that gun without hesitation. I can't remember which episode it was but Rick and Morty were being chased and Rick made like a dozen transport holes right next to each other to fool who was chasing him. Plus, as his daughter said..."Rick doesn't need anything from anybody...if he needs something, he just makes it himself." Rick made himself a toilet on another planet. He turned himself into a pickle. He's the smartest man in the universe. I hardly see him needing some fluid. Just a design flaw in the show I believe! My favorite comedy right now though, great stuff. JD Oh, let's see...I'm up to 2,223 movies rated on IMDB. Probably much more than you. Wait a minute...No way you're gonna defend Bad Boys 3, right?!? A crying, praying and fat Martin Lawrence. Will Smith shot in torso numerous times and back to 100% the rest of the movie. A witch. A non-black Mexican son. A sniper-using cop-murdering son who's back in good graces at the end. Multiple "I'm gonna sit here and talk to you before I shoot you with this gun I have drawn on you" scenes, just to end up getting shot in the back, all just in the nick of time. Driving backwards at full speed through traffic and red lights...with a huge police presence following you...endangering lives of the see a newborn baby?! The black Will Smith infiltrating *checks notes* a Mexican gang?! You're not defeding this garbanzo, are you??? Movie was terrible in every way. JD Bro, you're not that bright. In the show, these technologies exist. And all I'm saying is -- one of the things is useless if you have the other. That is all. If you invented a portal gun that could instantly take you anyplace, anytime...why would you ever need a car ever again, right??? Why would you ever drive to the store if you can instantly be transported there? You would never need the car again. Right? Same thing here...he would never need/use a ship if he had a portal gun. JD Why would u need to "fly in space sometimes"? Just take your portal gun and instantly transport yourself to wherever you want to go. Wherever you want to go, you can portal gun yourself there. No need for space travel, ever, so no need for a ship. JD Oh yeah, the witch, I forgot to mention that! A WITCH?!?!?! What kind of movie is this?! Thank you for that. If someone reading this hasn't seen the movie...I envy you!! I hate his f-ing guts. Watch "What the Health" on Netflix. I agree that EP4 wasn't very good...but I wouldn't read too much into it...each season has at least one clunker and I think that's all that this one is, a clunker. Sometimes they get a bit too brainy...all I need is an episode about taking a crap like EP2! It arrives tomorrow (Nov 22) at via HD Download -- $19.99. View all replies >