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A lost arm in this environment would be a death sentence... Shouldn't the war rig just have pulled over?... I didn't think I'd like Furiosa...but I was surprised. Isn't "The Thing" as an entity a bit inconsistent?... Alternate Ending?... Do movies generally suck since the pandemic? It was ass... Which software program was Blair using?... The beginning has a very dumb scene... Where do they Shit and when do they Shower?!... View all posts >


I'm going with a 9 as well. Might be a hair too long but I really liked it. I thought Fury Road was good - and the effects look better in Fury Road - but there was a couple things I didn't like about it. Like the quick flashback cuts/visions that Max was having...thought that was kind of lame. Max himself was a bit unlikeable in certain areas of the film, found myself rooting against him sometimes. I'd give Fury Road an 8.5. Furiosa wasn't perfect but it had some elements like comedy and even romance that you don't normally see that much in Mad Max. I might even go see it again. They put a chick in it but they forgot to make it lame! was way too lame for any word-of-mouth success to come out of it. Thank you! Agreed. Thank you! :) I hear ya...I seen better acting out of the extras in Matthew Broderick's Godzilla than what I saw in the main cast here! 🤣 Yes...the entire movie -- and all the jokes -- are in the trailer. You don't need to see the entire finished product. It was garbanzo. If you're interested, we'll bet. I'll provide proof of my banking transaction and ticket stub to a independent arbitrator. I'll give him $10,000 of my money. You give him $5,000 of your money to hold. The arbitrator then decides who was correct and doles out the money appropriately. Let me're not interested, right? You just like talking shit then, right? I should have said "pixelated like it's the 80's at the latest". Those screens didn't last very long in history. But, of course, I'm not sure how they could have either envisioned or built a more futuristic flat-panel in the 70s. I'm not ripping on Alien like some think, I was just curious if the dot-matrix style devices now feel out of place for a futuristic movie. One of my favorite movies is "Children of Men" but it still bothers me a bit that their "future" had a lot of old fashioned newspapers in it. In fact, the newspaper industry was at the start of their downfall when this movie was made...they maybe should have seen that one coming a bit more than they did. "Minority Report" was on the right track with newspapers being gone but made a hilarious-in-hindsight error...They still had the paperboy "deliver" the electronic newspaper iPad-type of device to your home each morning! Again, probably should have thought that through a bit more and realized that a new one wouldn't need to be delivered each day, that one device could simply update itself throughout the days and years. The paperboy even threw the device in the front hedges like he was delivering a paper in the 80's, lol! View all replies >