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Oh, it was the same episode after all?! Lol. Yeah, I thought it might be, but I can’t keep track anymore. There were quite a few of the storylines with parallel universes and I might even confused some of them with TNG. Yeah, I know what you mean. I think it is weird that Picard is an android now. It is not real Picard. Last episode of the season had some good bits but others were just plain stupid. When I first watched it I was confused, didn’t know what to think, I felt weird about it. Then I realized I don’t like Picard being an android. 😂 That being said, I will probably forget he is one by next season, especially if they don’t mention it again. It’s how I forgot that all crew on Voyager died and was replaced with a copy. But weren’t there also one episode when it was only Harry Kim who died and was replaced with a copy from parallel universe? It was when he was saving baby Naomi Wildman from the Kazon. Never heard of Farscape before. Is it good? Would you recommend it? Yeah, I really should watch them. I don’t know why I still haven’t, it’s kind of embarrassing. 😂 It just happens to me with some well known classic/cult movies, I never got round to see them although I know a lot about them e.g. which actors are in it, who directed it, etc. Hercules in New York! 😂 Just kidding. Well, I never watched Conan and Total Recall apart from some bits here and there. So it would be the Terminator 2 for me. I hope so. 😂 Yeah, I know what you mean and I agree. I was just meaning to say he will apparently be in next Picard at least. But now I am not so sure in my source, I realized that site where I read it is known to post fake movie related news. Also I read few times somewhere that Michael Dorn has been pushing for Worf spin-off for years but no one was interested. I was wondering if he makes an appearance in Picard or has his spin-off what he would look like? Like the old Worf or like the new ST:D Klingon? 🤔 Yeah, would love to see Janeway too. I know lot of people don’t like Voyager, but it is dear to me as I loved to watch it when I was a kid. So it brings me back. Unfortunately Satan2016 informed me that I posted a link from a fake news site. Probably none of it is true. I’m not into Star Wars, so that reference doesn’t mean anything to me as I know nothing about any of it (the new Star Wars that is). But thanks for the heads up, headlines from this site started showing up in my Google feed because of my interest in Star Trek. There was another one about Worf making an appearance in Picard season 2. That’s a shame, would love to see Worf. I just googled and people on Reddit and some other forums are discusing that it is a fake news site. You can’t trust anything these days, even random movie news sites. Everything needs to be double checked, so tiring. 🙄😑 Apparently they will bring back Worf for season 2 of Picard. For some reason I thought he died years ago. I really don’t know where did I get that notion. R.I.P. View all replies >