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That was a great episode. Yeah, I didn’t even know while watching it. I’ve only found about it yesterday. :’( This guy’s tweet makes no sense. Since when are Nazis and Goebbels Left?! “today’s progressive left is still learning it’s game from the earlier left in 1930’s” 🤦🏻‍♀️ Ok, if he mentioned some communist propaganda from the 30’s they were the left and also had propaganda. But saying Nazis were left, he looses any credibility, he should learn some history first and then tweet about it. 😂 Who is that guy anyway? Kill Bill vol. 1 Inglorious Bastards Django (I think I saw it in the cinema but for some reason I am not sure) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Hateful Eight I wanted to go but didn’t in the end. That show sounds interesting, will have to check it out. Thanks for recommending it. Good to know. Thanks for clarifying. 😊 Obviously I was joking. So we could look at it as a sequel, De Niro’s character finally made it and has become like his idol Jerry Lewis’ character. And Joker is like De Niro was in previous movie, unsuccessful comedian who wants to be like his idol? 😆 I just watched The King of Comedy, like few years ago. 😂 Haven’t seen Joker yet. But I did get reminded of The King of Comedy when I saw De Niro in the trailer. Is there a bigger connection between the two movies? Or just that in both De Niro plays comedians? Yeah I know it is, I even had pleasure knowing some chavs in real life. 😂 That is why I was confused what chavs had to do with incels, as the OP wrote chavs. Since then, I realized it was probably a typo and he must have meant chads. 🙂 View all replies >