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Which other old characters would you like to make an appearance? This looks interesting Paul Sorvino in Homeward s7 e13 Sex and the City follow-up TV series in the works No remake for this one?! Did you know? S2 E4: An Obol For Charon Archie getting drunk at La Bonne Nuit You Must Remember This Chevy Chase View all posts >


I don’t remember the baby, for some reason I totaly forgot about it. She wasn’t lying, the baby was apparently shown visiting her in prison, which I also don’t remember. It says here: “Juliana-Fernanda Ramos (daughter) - While in the kitchen, Maritza mentions her daughter staying with some female relatives. Maritza celebrates her daughter's first birthday in prison. On Mother's Day, Maritza holds her daughter while she talks about motherhood with Maria until her daughter has an accident and hands her off to Blanca in disgust.” [url][/url] Actually the trailer confused me, when I watched it I thought it was supposed to be some SF spoof mocumentary. It made me a bit intrigued to actually to go check the comments over here to see what it is about. But not to actually go watch it, it didn’t appeal to me for some reason, the main character seemed annoying. 😂 And that trailer was stupid, it was really more like a scene from the series than a trailer and it didn’t really show the whole premise of the show. I guess I will not watch it. 😁 Great to hear. Love the show. Me too. 😂 Jay I think he was putting them in the blender or something and planning to drink them raw. Love the show. I just binged both seasons in less than a week. She’s not Mexican. XD Agreed! When Jehovas witnesses come to the door wanting to talk about Jesus and Dylan invites them in because he is bored doing taxes and they are confused what to do next as no one ever let them inside. View all replies >