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Did you know? S2 E4: An Obol For Charon Archie getting drunk at La Bonne Nuit You Must Remember This Chevy Chase What is this show about?! I wasn’t expecting that (spoilers) Which movie? Cousin Montgomery Who deserved to be eliminated? View all posts >


When I read about the Mark Wahlberg incident I have also read that the man was blinded. So it’s not you thinking it for some reason, you probably read it somewhere as did I. That being said, if the information comes from some tabloid it’s not necessarily true and just a rumor. But I think it might be true, don’t remember where I read it before. Should google it and find some reliable info source. But doesn’t she have one under her chin now?! 🤔 It’s still there, it just moved. 😂 After the war Starfleet started a charity collecting hair donation for Klingons suffering from hair loss. Those are wigs and hairpieces. :D Yeah, Tilly is annoying. Most of the characters are. Saru is the best, and I like Captain Pike so far. LoL.😂 Yeah, they explained it that they only shave their heads when they are at war. I think the showrunners realized they messed it up with the bold Klingons because of the backlash and decided to magically grow their hair back, which they explained with that stupid tradition of shaving for war. You’ve Got Mail You’re welcome! :) Well, if they are sisters there is great possibility that they borrowed each other’s clothes. But probably it’s just a plot hole. :) Robert De Niro I also don’t know much about Japanese movies, only that they have some sick cult horror movies that were often remade by Hollywood. I first watched Battle Royale in 2004 when it was showing on tv in UK, think it was on Channel 4. It was showing quite late, so not exactly a prime time that so many people would see it. But still, it was on tv, so I guess more general population could see it, not just Japanese culture nerds. I assume if it was showing on UK tv, probably it also did in some other countries. View all replies >