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Actually The Office was originaly british tv show. Don’t know about The Good Doctor as I never watched it, didn’t even know there were two versions. I noticed mostly the british shows come first and after they get their american remakes, some more successful than their counterparts and some a total failure which only made a pilot. Anyway it would be interesting to see a London version. I hope some of them will make an appearance at least. Exactly, we can always rewatch previous seasons. I will also give the prequels a chance when they come out, but I’m not really excited about them. Yes, it seems so. My new BM phenomenon thing is the “plot armor”, I started seeing it a lot on the GOT board, even under GOT related YT video in comments after season 8. I noticed someone saying for that particular word in the comments it has become a trend. Although I did check in urban dictionary the phrase was listed in 2008. But I still believe there are certain trendy words spoken at the certain periods of time, e.g. now days it is bae, woke, and so on, and in the late 60’s trendy word for example was groovy which I guess now is lame to say (English is not my first language so I might be wrong). Sometimes when I google some word meaning it will also show a line chart with the timeline when that word was most in the use and when it started to decline. Yeah, I noticed it too. My guess they wanted to leave it there for future reference when checking the evidence and analyzing blood spatter. But still if that was the case how were they able to stay living there, I think I would have moved somewhere temporarily until the trial was over. I’m not sure who rushed things. I mean HBO has been known to shorten episode numbers on the shows they plan to cancel or if the show was on its last season. For example I will never forgive them ruining Boardwalk Empire, they reduced the number of episodes and ruined the ending for me. :( But on GOT boards I noticed some people were saying that it wasn’t actually HBO that wanted to rush things, on the contrary they wanted 2-3 more seasons. That it was in fact D&D who rushed it because they want to do some other projects (something about Star Wars). I don’t know if that is a fact or just a rumor. Myself I was also disappointed with season 8 of GOT, not sure if I would be interested in the re-shoot of the last season though. Think I will sign the petition nevertheless. Just for fun. :) Don’t know much about that guy, so much that even his name is not familiar to me, had to google it just to see who he is. Face I did recognize. Who is he related to? 945,530 at this moment. 😮 I think by tomorrow it will be 1 million. I wonder how much it will be in total in the end. And imagine if that amount of people signed the petition for something important. 😂 I read the wikipedia article already, but thanks anyway. That’s why I commented it didn’t make difference that he drived safely because he died anyway. I found some article from 14 years back where they were investigating the accident again. In it some eyewitness claims that Dean didn’t even drive the car, that he was on passenger seat. But that was disputed by investigators saying he ended up there from the impact. What I also find curious how come Donald Turnupseed wasn’t found guilty if what it says in Wiki article is true that he was driving his Ford Tudor at high speed and he crossed the center line?! In the Telegraph article it says: “The inquest findings were confusing, complicated by conflicting testimonies. But Mr Turnupseed was exonerated, leaving Dean as the one who most likely caused the crash. The one person who could have solved the enduring mystery, the mechanic Weutherich, was too badly injured to attend the inquest. When he recovered he returned to his native Germany and never spoke of the crash. He died in another car crash in 1981.“ So, it seems they used to think it was probably Dean’s fault, but only the recent investigation and computer simulation proved that it wasn’t his fault and he wasn’t driving fast?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ [url][/url] p.s. maybe we should have moved conversation to the James Dean board. 😂 Just this morning I heard the news on my local radio station that it was on half million. :O View all replies >