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No remake for this one?! Did you know? S2 E4: An Obol For Charon Archie getting drunk at La Bonne Nuit You Must Remember This Chevy Chase What is this show about?! I wasn’t expecting that (spoilers) Which movie? Cousin Montgomery View all posts >


Thanks for the links. Yeah, she wasn’t my fav character either nor I cared about the actress that much, not enough to actively follow her career. I saw few minutes of her first X-man movie last year on HBO, and about her personal life it was by accident and I wasn’t exactly looking to read about her, but Priyanka Chopra. It was Movie Chat and their clickbait adds. There was a Priyanka headline about her wedding or something that kept popping up, and it started to get to my nerves and also I was like let’s finally see it and get it over with, and it turned out Priyanka was marrying one of those Jonas bros, and Sophie Turner was mentioned being engaged to the other one. I blame Movie Chat for starting to read random celeb gossip, I also don’t really care about Priyanka Chopra. I don’t know why I read that stuff, I need an Ad Block on my phone. And about Sophie’s latest X-man movie, I just saw it under the new releases and trailers on IMDb. It’s just bits and pieces I saw in the media and came to a conclusion that she is getting successful career after the GOT. But who knows, time will tell. Hmm... I see... You had a cunning plan! :) Yeah, I’m not really into Marvel movies, so I don’t know much about production issues. So I am not gonna watch it anyways. I just know Marvel movies and comic book heroes are very popular or they wouldn’t still be filming those kinds of movies. I’m just waiting for this trend to die. XD Also, isn’t she like engaged to one of the Jonas Brothers?! I get that they are famous (don’t know any of their songs, just know about them from celeb gossip) but usually that also helps, dating someone famous so you get famous by association. You forgot Sophie Turner, she is starring at the moment as Jean Gray in Dark Phoenix which is an X-men franchise. She was already in X-men: Apocalypse but I think in Dark Phoenix she is the main character. Marvel movies are really popular these days, so I think she has a promising career after GOT. Good choice. :) Don’t know who would play him, but he definitely has to be blond. :) Do you have any suggestions? I can’t think of anyone at the moment. I’ve came across this recently [url][/url] It seems they do plan to do a remake after all. 😂😂 Yes, I agree there was so much going on. I hope season 3 will be the last and they wrap everything up neatly. Yeah, me too. That dance still makes me LOL in season 2. Didn’t the Octopus say that Karim is her brother, and when she said she didn’t have a brother, it said that he was sent here to watch over her (The OA). The FBI guy appeared in season 1, and when the kids called him into the motel, he also revealed that he was sent to guard the OA. That being said, we don’t actually know what are they, only what is their mission. I’m also looking forward for the season 3, I quite enjoyed this season. Not yet, plan to start season 2 tonight. View all replies >