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People get lost in the middle of nowhere, knife wielding masked killers... never seen that before. Must be great. Virtue signaling. They grow up and discover that (Jewish) money don't stink. Explain it. Explain to me how "one dimensional proton" reflects light, because "it has a field". Or explain any other scientific mumbo-jumbo of your choosing. Fury Road 9/10 Mad Max 8/10 The others I watched too long ago, but will update when I watch them again. Coppola is not known for that type of movies, but I like "the last days of Rome" vibe. I hope is good. Yeah, kids are know to do these attacks not only in USA. But in Moranis' case the attacker was 30 something and Buscemi's has grey beard. Many of those recent low-budget sci-fi movies do play out like overly extended "Outer Limits" episodes and I'm not a fan of that. However, I can't put "The Vast of Night" in the same category, because: 1. It has good production values and it is not the typical "mom and pop" thing with home video flavor. 2. It is self-aware of being like an episode from an old sci-fi TV show. 3. The excellent writing did not make it feel forcibly extended to 90 minutes. But I can agree that if one wishes, it can be rewritten as a 50 minutes episode without losing much. And I'm not sure that film is the best media for this story, it looks like more suitable for a podcast or radio or theatre, because visuals don't add anything (though the long shots were cool) and the accent is on the dialogue. The only part in the script I didn't like is the switch-board operator leaving her post in state of emergency. Don't know why the writer wanted to keep the two main characters together. Kudos to the actress Sierra McCormick. I really thought she is a teen girl. She is actually pretty good in this, though I can't remember seeing her in anything else. IMDb history shows that I watched her in "Panic Room" and "Into The Wild", but that was ages ago. Surely I'm not going to watch Twilight. I liked it too, but the second half is somewhat uninspired and dragging, and the sexual content felt a bit edgy. Nice music, nice visuals, Kristen Stewart is awesome, though I'm somewhat tired of these retro throwbacks in cinema and everything else. She didn't. It is just how they showed it. They tried to put some arty-fartsy magical realism or something. Don't bother yourself over it. View all replies >