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Said no one ever So true, I didn't realize I would be watching Womengers: Endgame She's no 8 I see girls at the mall who look hotter than her lol Give me your drug dealers # plz you must be an idiot THAT PITBULL OCEAN TO OCEAN WAS STRAIGHT FIRE SON Bingo It just seemed as if almost everyone was there to fight Thanos. Thor, being one who can practically fly/jump out the gym would have been a prime candidate to be there. It would seem as if he would prioritize Thanos over the grunts. Either way, I still think the Starlord moment was just terribly poor writing. It angered me because I thought the movie did so many things right (especially for having so many characters), but I could just not get that scene out of my head. Still really liked the movie, but I wish that part had been changed. View all replies >