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Excellent point. Yes. Ludicrous. We weren’t discussing your preferences. Yep. Absolutely right about the homage to Chinatown. I love the neon noir look of this flick — especially the red flicker of HOTEL in the smoky dark of his office. Don’t see how this could not be true. Sets, costumes, props, cars, music, and Mitchum’s work all 11 out of 10. And today worth 1.5 million. My favorite David Shire score, and my first noir soundtrack LP bought back in the day at Rhino Records (they had stores with new and used). Except, that is, for his Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 score, which never was release until the late 90’s from Shire’s private tapes (masters presumed lost). You need the soundtrack releases to hear either in stereo as neither film was ever available in anything but mono. He didn’t do much score but these two are giants. Now if I could just get an original stereo mix of the Quinn Martin’s Tales of the Unexpected theme ... Yes — fantastic acting there. And throughout. See Roger Ebert’s four-star review focusing on Mitchum’s “definitive performance.” Spot on. 50 points. View all replies >