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This Movie Disgusts Me Now ***FREE*** in HD on Tubi (with a few ads) On YouTube Right Now In HD — FREE “It’s Not About Anything Anymore” So … what was he? Props for Originality and Bravery Another OCPAIO — One Cell Phone And It’s Over Longest Pre-Title Sequence? Blaming “Poor People and Immigrants” Best line (Jonah’s) View all posts >


I thought that too. It was, until the Electronic Arts class action settlement in 2006. Previously, EA had demanded salaried employees put in seven-day workweeks plus late hours with no additional compensation. I can tell you first-hand that overtime abuse of salaried tech workers was rampant throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Since then, at least in California, many tech jobs have been reclassified as hourly — as they should be. Chrysler ——> Chlyslel lol Def could not do that today. Agree with that too. Yeah. Add “50 feet off the ground” to man throwing = lots of propulsion. Same here. Even at ten years old I knew this meant The Family were NFG. With 4K HDR it’s getting hard now to watch even 1080p. The main thing is noticing flaws like vibrating horizontal lines or stairsteps I never saw before. That’s the problem with upgrading anything: you can’t go back. Ignorance may indeed equal bliss. And sad. It’s all the things you mentioned, but also really sad. The best horror movies are tragedies, ultimately filled with pathos. That *is* absolutely one great fucking poster. Made me want to see the movie in 1974 and still does. Agree the art of movie poster design died with home video, when they just had room for a couple of actors’ mugs. Basically, “Here’s a movie you know nothing about starring two familiar faces. Just rent it.” I want to know something about the movie’s concept and be teased. Fuck stars. Two other classic horror posters that sell the movie and not the stars: Halloween (1978) Alien (1979) That’s what I assumed since he was allergic but don’t think so based on his explanation of letting dog out to pee. Seemed truthful. View all replies >