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Do a google image search and you'll see plenty of smiles. Best click bait I ever clicked! I've seen it compared to "Waiting for Godot" but I haven't seen that one so I can't vouch for it. I think he was obsessed with the tapes because he was troubled and tormented, which made him susceptible to the evil influence of the tapes. And I think being obsessed is what caused him to be indifferent to the Hank's reappearance. The one thing that did make sense to me was that Earl was her "last chance" angel. Since he was also Leon Cooley's angel and Cooley was sentenced to die, I also suspected she was headed for an untimely death and that was why she was given a last chance angel. But, to your point, it would have been more believable if her death was not her choice. Thanks! Thank you!! I will check those out. It was based on a book so maybe it's not all his fault. You're right, it was unscripted. Here's what iMDB says: <i>When Columbo walks down a steep, grassy hill to inspect the wreckage of the Jaguar, he loses his footing and stumbles, taking a big fall and landing on his back. This wasn't staged; it was Peter Falk, not a stuntman.</i> Which, I think, makes his remark even funnier. "But I'll tell ya, it <i>was</i> the quickest way down." That's a good point. I think I was zeroing in on the "rated" part of overrated. View all replies >