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whats with the 12 years gap? **SPOILERS** cheats What is going on in this movie??? **SPOILERS** Why da eff is this being made? Spiderman Homecoming Mr.Harrington View all posts >


hmm, if all it took was put the devil in the cupboard and lock. Why didnt it work at the end of the movie? When the sister puts the cross on her and pushes her into the cupboard and closes it. The devil goes ape sht, but later we see theres a hole in the wall and has escaped. clearly, the cupboard does nothing for her/. Also, at the end, when they are showing the timeline after 12 years, we see a seemingly well settled family, with photographs of the kid growing up. But only after 12 years, did she come and kill the parents. I don't agree with all of your points. But yes, it IS a hipster douche movie ok, i think i created profiles on all of these sites when Imdb was shutting down(yea, i basically feel imdb is shut down, cos i dont visit it anymore, cos its just any other site now). but i prefer this site cos, well, its letting me open the site and do this, while im at work :) none of the other sites open for me at my workplace, as they are all blocked. Not sure whats the criteria, but, hey, just for that, this site gets my thumbs up cool. Exactly, if you saw the movie and hate it and are not influenced by all the other comments out there, thats your opinion. I havent visited rotten tomatoes either and I still dont get why movie reviews and critics are a big thing. I read/watch them, but, it wouldn't change my position on whether I will watch the movie or not. and about the movie, yes, its not a great movie. But i didnt hate it either. I just think it had lot of expectations on it and couldnt deliver. otherwise, it was a solid enough movie for me, to try to establish their monster universe. i completely agree with you that the movie didnt go BIG enough. it wasnt extravagant enough for a movie which is supposed to kick start the monster universe. Anyway, i still think Universal will go ahead with their plans. I'm still interested in their shared universe. On a side note: what I want is, a shared multi-universe. COME ON!!! Mummy fighting Doctor Strange or Godzilla fighting the Pacific Rim Robots. COme on Hollywood, mash it all up! give us a brain freeze with the overdose. Its 'The Mummy'. As someone else explained somewhere on the boards, if you go in with the expectation that this is just a fun bit movie, with Tom Cruise, doing his regular shtick, you will find no problem. I just find that the internet is very quick to jump on the bandwagon, that if a group says it sucks (rotten tomatoes et al), then its decided, everyone will go with it. I don't think we are doing it consciously, but unknowingly, we just have a negative view on the movie from that moment and just tend to agree with that view at the end. I urge you to watch the movie and decide for yourself. Well, it was supposed to be a mutual compromise, that the girl won't live with either the uncle or gandma, but in foster care. Which is close to the uncle's place and they both have some visiting rights. As shown in the movie, when Chris comes with some toys to meet her. Now, since the Grandma broke the law/rules, by coming over to the foster house (presumable bribing the foster parent(s), as you can see the wife doesn't seem to like this arrangement and tells Chris where they are). This gives Chris evans' character more of an advantage if he now went to court and showed that the grandma broke the law, yada yada yada. So, now he just went and brought the girl home and will deal with the law part of it later. However, it would never come to it, as the Grandma will just withdraw all her petitions as she got what she wanted. Ah come on! watch cheats!!! (2002) and thank god I found this alternative to IMDB message boards :) THis is just the most amazing hilarious feel good hidden gem of a movie. EVERYBODY should see this View all replies >