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STUPID beyond belief Watching Dexter and just realized I wonder who little Jessi Cotton... Mark Rylance/Harvey Keitel Christina wasn't very bright... Box Office Success should never be used to judge a movie Arrogance SPOILERS has anyone watched this? Another BRAINLESS performance from Liotta View all posts >


Good point. In my opinion the 70's had better dramas. Especially historical ones. Attitudes changed after the 60's and people became incredibly pessimistic and overly opinionated to the point where trying to discuss differences labeled a person weak and expendable. It hasn't gotten much better. We went from witty cynicism to outright rude and insulting opinionated comedy fueled by lies and selfish pride. Dame Angela Lansbury in The Manchurian Candidate (1962) I would have tied her to the luggage rack and used her as a siren! I'd say the opposite. But closer than a length. No need to call anyone out on this R. Most of my complaints have been confirmed if not expanded upon. I might add that constant "head turn" shots are juvenile too. I will say it again, most of the sitcoms of the 70's are painful to watch now. This and Welcome Back Kotter being the worst in my opinion. As of Mar-8-2021 only 5 female and 1 male lead left with us: Candice Bergen (Lakey) (05-09-1946 - ) Kathleen Widdoes (Helena) (03-21-1939 - ) Mary-Robin Redd (Pokey) (03-18-1939 - ) Jessica Walter (Libbey) (01-31-1941 - ) Joanna Pettet (Kay) (11-16-1942 - ) Joan Hackett (Dottie) (03-01-1934 - 10-08-1983) Elizabeth Hartman (Priss) (12-23-1943 - 06-10-1987) Shirley Knight(Polly) (07-05-1936 - 04-22-2020) Carrie Nye (Norine) (10-14-1936 - 07-14-2006) James Congdon (Sloan) (06-23-1929 - ) Larry Hagman (Harold) (09-21-1931 - 11-23-2012) James Broderick (Dr. Ridgley) (03-07-1927 - 11-01-1982) Hal Holbrook (Gus Leroy) (02-17-1925 - 01-23-2021) Richard Mulligan (Dick Brown) (11-13-1932 - 09-26-2000) Robert Emhardt (Mr Andrews) (07-24-1914 - 12-26-1994) My first album was a Christmas gift from my brother when I was 11. Elton Johns Greatest Hits. The first album I purchased was the soundtrack to Jaws. I didn't listen to music or the radio outside of some records my parents had. I did like Broadway and movie soundtracks too. Also some familiar classical pieces introduced to me by Looney Tunes. To be fair I do recall buying some second hand Bill Cosby albums at a garage sale. I am fighting with myself for not going on and on about some Herrmann work (being a Hitchcock freak) so I'm going to praise Jerome Moross and his score for the ages with THE BIG COUNTRY (1958). A wonderfully cast and brilliantly made film with a mediocre story. [] “I know this will come as a shock to you, Mr. Goldwyn, but in all history, which has held billions and billions of human beings, not a single one ever had a happy ending.” DOROTHY PARKER This ending was to emphasize that the flawed system has doomed the child. The line delivery in that one was perfection. Although I found the premise of "free ski lodge reservations .. FOR SIX PEOPLE" rather un-believable. Still ranks as one of my favorites. I'm surprised the no one has mentioned Roz And The Schnoz. The big nose jokes had me rolling. View all replies >