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70's NYC apartments terrible picture yummy Sept 20 release date Suicide my ass. "And I'll never be able to use a porta-potty again." ... LOL Should have placed more emphasis on Proof of my daddy issues... No posts? Let me start. View all posts >


Oh! Since it's on YouTube it's gotta be true. What a nut job. Yes. NOT a very good movie. The smoke filter lens designating night time was atrocious. Gable was a pathetic character and seemed to be playing John Wayne. Clift and Monroe were just there for visual stimuli and, as usual, Ritter stole the show. (Although Estelle Winwood in a momentary scene was deliciously amusing.) I was talking to a cab driver in Omaha once who drove many celebrities from the music hall and arena venues to their prospective motels for years. He said the rudest one was Elton John who yelled at him for looking in the rear view mirror. (I believe the nicest one he mentioned was Bette Midler.) When Tanner looks down at a passed out Buttermaker on the pitchers mound and says "He's not any good to us SOBER either!" I will wait till it hits the home market. I refuse to pay ticket prices. Im with you GlenE. Also, my back can not take the seats and Im not spending $10 for popcorn. As Rita Rudner said... "Popcorn costs 13 cents a silo !!!" Also, the price of the tickets are outrageous. With large screen televisions now (mine is 65") the cinema has lost its novelty. I would much rather spend the money on a dvd and have it for multiple viewings for life . The Complete Angler Whats a band? View all replies >