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Elfman Holy crap every time i see this flick.. over/under on when.... The scarlacc pit Umm So... (spoilers) Best violence on TV 9 friggin emmys What the heck show is this? View all posts >


Right? I had the father in law or the son (that went out the window at the end of episode 5). What a letdown Hottest she ever looked in this. Not yet, in this timeline. I just think it was a bunch of old chess guys and he might be the leader? Other than Sherman ending up with Nadia, this is the most unrealistic thing in this is him ending up with both of them. It was ok. Typical Hallmark shit. Dan Levy was the best part. Oh and the girl from Parks and rec. Yep. I graduated high school that year. It was pure shit then and even worse now. I recognized his voice before I realized it was him. I've been hearing some crazy betting that tells me otherwise. Very good stuff. View all replies >