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Yup. Agreed. She seems thinner or something. Needs to wear more skirts though. What I don't buy is her all scared of Homelander like she's never seen him do awful shit. I do believe Butcher shot her directly in the head. Didn't affect her at all. She is absolutely nuts. I do believe she did not plead guilty and spend time in jail, or we would know about it by now, but she changed her story repeatedly during interview. It would be early on. Peggy would have been there later. Total babies. I don't think it's fair how it ended. I thought there was an oath not to reveal someone is a traitor, but that's what was essentially done to Wilf. So bad, its awesome. My favorite is the scene with the fat kid. Specifically... Mom - He has my eyes Dad - He has my smile Rodney - He has my sympathies Haha That scene where she sang that damn song in rehersal made me want to go kick a dog. Awful beyond words. I was dying. Hilarious shit. Especially the "hey, Jew" bit. Squirt Squirt View all replies >