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Incest, Animal Cruelty, Rape, Homosexuality, Child molestation... A very uninteresting and borderline boring show Best video game to movie EVER!! Best TF movie by far; one of the best movies I've seen! The villains If you don't find this movie funny... LEAH!! View all posts >


Tyra Banks Kate Beckinsale Beyonce Brad Pitt Vin Diesel Christiano Renaldo You women haters have no shame these days. Sad. What's stupid is actually paying Netflix for anything. Racist much??? I agree, it was great, gave it 10/10. PLEASE go back and actually f*ckin READ what she said! YOU people are the f*ckin WORSE! Anyone that forms their opinion of a movie from reviews, is an idiot; also those that post a comment about it. WTF is "get woke"?!! You must be a millennial. He/she seems quite serious to me. GTFOH thinking everyone must share YOUR opinion. The movie was very good. View all replies >