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Incest, Animal Cruelty, Rape, Homosexuality, Child molestation... A very uninteresting and borderline boring show Best video game to movie EVER!! Best TF movie by far; one of the best movies I've seen! The villains If you don't find this movie funny... LEAH!! View all posts >


Get lost! Couldn't agree with you more. YOU PEOPLE...SMH It was a good, funny(dumb) movie...YOU PEOPLE just like to bitch and complain about every damn thing! Just get lost with your racist ass! Please hold your nose and shut you mouth, while you're at it!! Well why the fuck were you even here?!! Typical internet dummy! I had both, at the same time, and my family was far from being rich. I had both, because I liked both. There wasn't a NEED to choose one over the other like the world is today. My condolences. View all replies >