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Incest, Animal Cruelty, Rape, Homosexuality, Child molestation... A very uninteresting and borderline boring show Best video game to movie EVER!! Best TF movie by far; one of the best movies I've seen! The villains If you don't find this movie funny... LEAH!! View all posts >


Explain WHY, or just shut up! Tyra Banks Kate Beckinsale Beyonce Brad Pitt Vin Diesel Christiano Renaldo You women haters have no shame these days. Sad. What's stupid is actually paying Netflix for anything. Racist much??? I agree, it was great, gave it 10/10. PLEASE go back and actually f*ckin READ what she said! YOU people are the f*ckin WORSE! Anyone that forms their opinion of a movie from reviews, is an idiot; also those that post a comment about it. WTF is "get woke"?!! You must be a millennial. View all replies >