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Incest, Animal Cruelty, Rape, Homosexuality, Child molestation... A very uninteresting and borderline boring show Best video game to movie EVER!! Best TF movie by far; one of the best movies I've seen! The villains If you don't find this movie funny... LEAH!! View all posts >


And who the hell are you?! It's EASILY better! Unfortunately it was not! Typical internet Jackass! All of them that are can go to fuckin hell! Quit being a woman hater. I've been telling people this from months ago. Hopefully they all die right after the opening credits, along with the next 7 episodes. I wouldn't say they're an idiot, but you could see from the very first trailer, that it would be cheesy and crappy. I wouldn't waste my money nor bandwidth on this mess. You'd have to be a total jackass, and pussy-less to do some dumb shit like that. View all replies >