MisterE's Replies

Nick Fury. I didn't realize that Ryan Gosling is in this, thanks for the warning! It's better than "The Force Awakens" and "The Last Jedi". Your current link starts the song at 49 seconds. No, but Disney haters will grasp at anything to bash the company. Even the weather in that reality is fast & furious! Chev Chelios. 7pm IMAX 2D and it was only around 25% full. Too bad, the movie entertains! The Avengers should use the stones to open "The Infinity Park", the MCU's version of Disneyworld where you can fight Thanos and do other super hero stuff. I wonder if another person with Infinity Stone derived powers, like Wanda Maximoff / The Scarlet Witch, could hurt her? Wanda showed off some impressive powers and skills in her fights in Infinity War. Or Holland could stay with the MCU as Night Monkey! Nah, he was safe back on Tatooine and Force Projecting the entire time. That's why he didn't leave a body behind when Vader struck him down on the Death Star. Got a link? Looks good enough, I'll be there if it plays in my town! There's no reason to not have another Avengers movie, the team will just have to recruit some new members. The comic book version of the team has had many lineups that didn't include Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, etc. What Doctor Who references? It's from the same creative minds that brought us the "Preacher" TV series, so it's probably a promise of frustration and disappointment. Apparently the crotch popped out of it on set one day during filming! Even worse, Dark Phoenix writer / director Simon Kinberg was also the writer for X-Men Last Stand. The guy has screwed up this story twice! Yes, indeed.