MisterE's Replies

I will check it out! You won't get an argument from me. I thought that this movie was poop. It was also the last movie I saw at the theater before they shut down. :( It was hidden by invisibility until it was convenient for it to not be. It looked like the knife from the house that had Cecilia's fingerprints on it. She got better. I would save a little on the budget and go with Matt Ryan, the guy from the "Constantine" television series. He did a pretty good job. lol, I thought that it was dumb but entertaining! It is definitely considered a "Terminator" movie, it's right there in the movie's title, but it's part of the continuity that "Terminator Dark Fate" ignores. Salvation is a sequel to "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines". What a crappy script. SPOILERS... Guy creates the most awesome invisibility suit ever then fakes his own death so that he can stalk his estranged wife? He hides out in the house, and later in the mental ward, but doesn't have to eat, sleep, sh!t, piss, etc. The fake email nonsense. No cameras in the restaurant when he kills the sister, suit doesn't set off metal detectors when he's being chased by the wife with gun, he can kick the sh!t out of everyone without damaging the hundreds of delicate cameras that are built into the suit. At the end, how did the wife have time to put on the suit, figure out how to use it, kill the guy, and then take off the suit so quickly. And she packs up the suit and is leaving even though cop friend is there and there's a dead body and all that. etc., etc., etc. So incredibly lame. Paul Verhoeven is pretty much my favorite movie director and his invisible man movie "Hollow Man (2000)" is probably my least favorite Verhoeven film, but it is a masterpiece compared to this crap. Just now got home from watching the movie. No, I have absolutely no problem with female leads in movies. Take that sh!t elsewhere. So, you're saying that we are in a TV show? "Kiss of Death (1995)" is a pretty good movie starring David Caruso, also with Sam Jackson, Nicholas Cage, and Helen Hunt. The Shield was shown in 16:9 pretty much everywhere but the USA. The first 4 seasons were released on 4:3 DVD in the USA, by 20th Century Fox, and the rest of the series was released 16:9 (by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) and the earlier seasons were re-issued 16:9 on DVD. The Shield is one of my favorite TV series, I bought it all including the re-issues of the first 4 seasons. I was entertained by it, too bad the characters weren't a little closer to the comic book versions. Toby in "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote". The entire live set on "Some Enchanted Evening" is jammin'! I went to see "Birds of Prey", instead. I liked it, it was entertaining. Wow, the review snippets are scathing. I guess I won't be seeing this tonight. Saturday Night Live did a parody, too, with Martin Sheen playing Conrad. He's in a bar and dares some guys to call his battery regular, they do then take it and play keep away and make "Conrad" cry.