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Bran and Tyrion plot Where is Robin of the Vale? Why did he change......? GOT quiz Jumping the shark S8,E3 kill list Ayra saves the day! Where is Robin of the Vale? Joffrey was in this film What was with Bran's glare... View all posts >


I wanted to see Bran naked. I just looked at the credits. It was him. Anti climatic Really? I don't see it. I see a lot of nitpicking over certain scenes or plot twists but not this question. I agree with many of your points, the reason being "jumping the shark" and trying to tie up loose ends. But #3 is Gendry being bought off. #11- Bronn off character. Bad writing. # 14 - Tyrion is supposed to be smart. Cersie tried to have him killed a few times. She betrayed him many times, latest being not sending armies and he still trusts her!!! Can you say: #Me Too; or George RR Martin hasn't written the source material for the last two seasons. Jon Snow still knows nothing, including badly timing what he says. Thanks. Just added him. Poor Night King, killed by a little girl! Amazing how the knife that was intended to kill, saved. View all replies >