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I like Viggo's version. More sinister It just isn't the same...the yuck factor is completely gone. It's a BBC production where they were using English speaking actors. It's easier to get an audience for the film that way. If you want to see a German film, see Downfall. Donnie Darko. Yeah, people have a short memory. a real song believe it or not.... [url][/url] He was great in Netflix's "End of the F world" It's rather unfortunate when you consider what happened to him after Star Wars 1 was released. He went from a kid likely very exited to star in a big movie to being blamed by trolls that he personally ruined a franchise. I doubt he was the same afterwards. Regardless, it would have been for nothing if the movie was well received considering he ended up with schizophrenia. I have to say this movie didn't do anything for me. It was a little funny, but not much. Hard to laugh at a movie where the kids drop the F bomb pointlessly. Indictment: the McMartin Trial is a good one produced by Oliver Stone. View all replies >