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I’m watching this movie now and yeah, I agree it’s unintentionally funny. You nailed it Heisenberg! I’m with you on this one. I could’ve not said it better. I just wanna add my poor man’s two cents here. I didn’t care for anyone either. You made all good points there. This movie doesn’t havr a soul, it’s an empty shell. They dwelved too much into Chakobsa dialect too. It’s uneeded, it’s distracting. I didn’t want to read so much subtitles, itgets annoying. I wanted Harkonenns to be cool, brutal. Vladimir was a wimp! Lynch’s version is much better. Where is Paul Verhoeven when he’s needed? They whimped out on PG-13. And enough with the constant ululation/wailing, enough! My ears were bleeding. I had to walk out after 1 hr in, couldn’t take it anymore and just finished watching it on disc, still sucks. Yeah she is. Surprised to see her here since she’s not an actress. Yeah, I think they overdid with the old music, it’s a bit too much, but at least it’s the music that was in the games starting from Fallout-3. I played those games and there was a radio station that played the oldies. I kinda liked it, because it’s a satire - a peaceful music against the backdrop of the violent world. It’s a melancholy thing. Other than that I think the show actually delivered. It’s fun. I’m with you. I walked out on it too after seeing about half of it. I’m 45 year old dude, so I don’t have patience anymore for something I’m not enjoying. It was bad lighting, bad music, bad direction. Too much of subtitles. I didn’t buy Paul and Chani’s romance, not enough development shown there. One minute she despises Paul, then the next thing you see she’s in love with him, give me a break. It doesn’t work. I play it on Spotify every time I play World War Z game, it works so well. I guess it was some sort of a bad side-effect due to him being sick and close to dying. Btw, off the topic here. But isn’t this site turned to shit now. It became too slow. Too many ads!!! They insert ads now in the middle of the post! C’mon!!! Ok, if he wanted to commit murder then he was really bad at it, but I think it still works, because the kids could’ve died of thirst and starvation anyway, it’s just they got lucky. I think when he was shooting at them it was almost like a game. He was toying with the idea of killing them but couldn’t do it so he killed himself. Thanks for reply! Thank you for the clear explanation. It all makes sense now. Haha, this was a pretty funny read! Thank you. I just saw a short video on facebook where they used it to tell it as a conspiracy theory only at the end revealing it that it was a movie. It was very effective. I like this movie so much that I emailed one tv station to put it on for me and they did! Watching it here again after so many years since its release. And while I still have some distain left from the first semi-viewing, watching it now with a new approach while stoned has given me a new perspective and some actual enjoyment this time. You can watch it on Tubi now. He looked more like Tom Cruise to me, lol Yes It was badly edited. Almost unwatchable. I couldn’t even finish watching it because it was so bad. The sound was out of synch throughout the whole movie. And they would just mute the strong language whenever it came on. I don’t even remember what they did with the gore. I think it was all cut out. Yeah I thought of that too. Adding “YOUR Last Christmas!” Yep, watching it now. Whatever git.