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So, i made a 2hr movie from the first season hated the original and found a fancut that saves it whats the point of all this? View all posts >


ok hes toast at the end of his first scene. the actor idetitfies as female now, so he might live longer nope, youre the only one because hollywood? i doubt a real hugh jackman title would bomb so hard. also they get dubbed in foreign countries anyway. those cgi shit isnt even a real movie to me and appearently a lot of viewer share that opinion dude youre the one thats shitting and hating on the tv series and i didnt even say anything about disney, so fuck off retard. youre the one spreading hate and now act surprised when its coming back. reflect yourself dickhead. at least the spider was true to the book and not some crapshit cgi. voice acting a cgi character is not actually "starring" to me i take the episodes as a movie, so overall i like it very much and i also liked the adult actors more than the remake ones. who cares if they look alike, most real people dont do, im more offended by the crapshit thats new pennywise and the butchered finale thats your opinion. new pennywise is just cgishit, thats not acting I still prefer it, because Tim Curry is the one and only Pennywise and its closer to the book just wait another 15yrs and theyll be considered good. View all replies >