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Haha, true. Have you seen "The Return of Jafar" (1994) by the way and how was it? Me, sort of average to OK, maybe 5 or at MOST a 6/10 rating, not too bad, but definitely inferior to the original Disney very good 1992 classic "Aladdin". One thing for ROJ for sure, it is at times way too morbid, disturbing and violent for a kids animation movie that is rated "U" here in UK and "G" in America, which means its suitable for all. From what I hear, in some places, they even had to edit Jafar's final death sequence in it. But then is your laughter GENUINE or do you phone it in, like I mostly do? Yeah, in this modern day and age, it seems like almost everyone who has EVER lived does simply NOT see our world through simple "good versus evil", "good guys versus bad guys" and "heroes and villains" lenses and spectacles. And loses not a BIT of sleep or conscience over it. Also, it doesn't make people wonder about other sides too. And if OTHERS do, they will CORRECT them and tell them they are wrong. Also - even IF we don't say certain people who are guilty of certain offenses should be killed or suffer some or other fates, as normal and civilized people mind you, we STILL demonstrate various forms of anger at them and tell them that they are terrible and wrong for doing what they did, even if not men as offenders, to give one example, for a myriad of obvious and not so obvious reasons. But maybe in reality it really is on some level more complex but on the other similarly or samely bad/dangerous/hurtful etc too. Not judging, just EXPLORING, seriously. Also, online and in articles here or there, writers often say not ONE BIT of ANY sentence or opinion about people say angry at justifiable manner at certain offenders calling them "shit". They don't ever write - Yeah, those bastards deserve such insults or even we can understand those people, but let's not encourage such name calling even here. OR those who wish death and torture etc on them, like for men to have certain organs removed with no anaesthetic whilst others in the background talk about ill societies, bad cultures etc. Like, should we pay those folks any attention or even disagree? And that includes for OUR benefits? Also, if its not just men who do those things, what to think HERE - BEYOND political correctness too? Oh wait, we ALL know the differences here, right? And again, NO loss of sleep or conscience? No desire to understand the world better, make it a better place? No talks of - let's avoid mentioning that substance too. But maybe still talks of DISTURBING stuff? Oh well. :) The scientific and religious study of hotness, lol. :) Wonder what sslssg have anything to do with here, and perhaps yeah you are TRYING to tell YOUR truth in HERE. And hey, maybe that's not even a bad thing at all. Did women compete before? Moot point I suppose. I do that a lot too. Adding - and I get philosophically curious, personally emotional and even embarrassed in the process whilst IRONICALLY looking for a way to QUELL such feelings of mine, even if on a purely superficial level. Hence, for example, and there are others, some of my film trope topics. And apologies to one online community once again for telling me off, but let me go in peace please. I won't harm you, others, myself and even on the internet will try and be more civilized too. And its not up to you to judge me! I can do anything haha, its just that I am for one MENTALLY not yet ready for it. :) Are there any on Earth that are nice and stylish and other worldly and also can allow people to mentally escape? And that notorious scene even had the audacity to do a kitschy parody of "The English Patient" (1996) desert scene in it, besides how it also in many eyes rather inappropriately played the scene for "Naked Gun"-type of Leslie Nielsen-esque "laughs". Its possible, HEY, you read the plot synopsis of that film? Yes, he does indeed plan to abstain as part of own's lent and celibacy for 40 days and 40 nights without any type of sexual activity. The title by the way is apparently a biblical religious reference too. You might want to see the film first as I also don't want to spoil it (mind you, I don't think its a particularly good movie myself and about a 4 out of 10 is what I give it). Funny how I didn't disagree with people's stances on that scene. But I kind of had to wonder if we should be that offended by it or just treat it as a black comedy type of trope used with a controversial twist but OK people are entitled to their opinions. Interestingly also. That film is directed by Michael Lehmann, although I am not a huge fan of most of his works but I LOVE "Heathers" (1989). Its lead Josh Hartnett has been in some solid films too including "The Faculty" (1998) and the very good "Lucky Number Slevin" (2006) gangster crime thriller. But oh well... About this thing called life that we are in, NONE of us have an absolutely PERFECT knowledge of it, just saying. We are all basically adult children or a manchild (what's the plural of that word?). You could maybe use either term, if you believe for instance, that the r word basically applies to ALL forms of sexual abuse and unwanted sexual contact, to describe that scene or you could say sexual assault if for one you believe the 'r' word more officially applies to, well, acts that involve forced penetration, which of course male perpetrators sadly are possible of doing. Although its probably more a semantics argument than anything. Is there much difference between say murder and homicide? Pedophilia and ephebophilia? Theft and robbery? Etc etc etc. No worries. :) Well... He was, SPOILER, sexually assaulted by Nicole at the end of the movie. Its expensive as hell but is it worth the price? The point about me having received backlash at the time was that I have also wondered about this from that point of view but I was told angrily by certain folks about how bad it is in any case etc with some folks being rather put off by the fact that I felt like discussing it and whilst being still against it, wondered, for a myriad of reasons, how bad it is in comparison to "traditional" and already well known examples as such. Also funny how, but it seems like this area is the only topic with such controversy. Granted, yeah, we do sometimes talk about male and female say wrong doers and if they are to be treated same or differently. And films also have this one trope known as a beautiful female villain trope which is also popular or at least existent in pop culture and movies especially. But if say we talked about murder or even beatings and say acts of theft it would not cause as much controversy. But add this sexual abuse and sexual violence/violation, the r word etc angle, and people debate in many say forums and posts, especially if a film happens to be popular. And this matter isn't even looked at say "good guys" and "bad guys" (OK even if "villains" happen to be female also) type of dichotomy and dynamic or good versus evil. Even though in many films the male perps often ARE portrayed as outright VILLAINS. OK I will move on and stop talking and especially thinking too much. And in MY case on the internet, and also for a variety of other reasons, with me being a naive and sensitive folk myself, I just fell under the proverbial hot handle but I am alright and I don't blame anyone, even though I apologize myself. ) By the way, to all of us who had seen the movie, besides it being what it is, what is the difference including in the way this controversial albeit black comedy-oriented scene is portrayed here, in this movie, and in say the notorious "40 Days and 40 Nights" (2002) released 3 years before this one? We know that the latter scene has caused a massive outrage with audiences etc and this one hasn't been as commonly spoken about. Cheers. By the way ladies and gentlemen, is what RAF 33 here said ACTUALLY true? Does it have merits to it? And I say again - if rape and sexual assault in traditional circumstances with male perpetrators is considered undeniably terrible, why is it "so different" then if a perpetrator is female and even if there are some differences perhaps, is it still not in its own category rather bad still? Besides law and obvious morals attached. And Mr 33 - are you not personally afraid of receiving backlash for such a post, bearing in mind the times we live in? I've had moments by the way when I attempted to discuss the topic from such angle and I got in trouble for it but also rather depressed and put off in the process. And I didn't find it in me at the time to like you know defend myself in here too. But who or even what stance is RIGHT here? (Yeah, haha, I hear ya - "its always bad and wrong", mmkay, cheers.) "Odd species we are, very odd..." Yeah, that too, but also, we are very divided but then some of us are naive, stupid etc others are more clever and enlightened too. And "join the world of heterosexuality", gee - wonder what that is? You mean, perhaps, an active one that involves say adults getting into a relationship and whatnot etc and not just me floating through life with my hobbies etc.